The Space Generation Congress (SGC) is the annual meeting of the Space Generation Advisory Council held in conjunction with the International Astronautical Congress. Participants are top university students and young professionals with a passion for space who are selected from among applicants from our Space Generation international network. With SGC, SGAC aims to hone and promote the voice of the next generation of space sector leaders on the topic of international space development. SGC is proudly endorsed by the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs.

More than a year before SGC begins, there are people volunteering countless hours during their early mornings, lunch breaks, and evenings to put together the experience that you, the delegates and partners, attend every fall. 

The SGC 2019 Organizing Team members are : Christopher Nie (Event Manager), Davide Petrillo (Deputy Event Manager), Sabrina Alam (Delegates Team), Ajeet Hansra (Delegates Team), Daniel Wischert (Delegates Team), Brock Little (PR&Comms Team), Mandeka Papini (PR&Comms Team), Tobias Niderwieser (PR&Comm Team), Abraham Akinwale (Programming Team), Ani Vermeulen (Programming Team), Harriet Brettle (Programming Team), Nuria Ali (Programming Team), Hamda Alhosani (Logistics Team), Elizabeth Barrios (Logistics Team), Victoria Carter-Cortez (Logistics Team), Kelsey Doerksen (Logistics Team), Joseph Levine (Logistics Team) and Bruno Sarli (Logistics Team).

More information about the team here :

Here’s Christopher Nie’s reaction: “On behalf of the SGC 2019 organising team, we are honored and humbled to be selected as the SGAC member of the month. This team represents the best of SGAC, they are a group of incredibly talented and diverse individuals from around the world that want to share and promote their passion for the space industry. We hope the delegates and speakers of this year’s Congress enjoyed it as much as we did and made connections that will last a lifetime.” 

The SGC 2019 Organizing Team has been nominated by

Nominator: Bethany Downer (PR&Comm Team)


“The 2019 Space Generation Congress Organising Team did a truly outstanding job in the development and implementation of this year’s event. With professionalism, organisation, enthusiasm and kindness each member worked long days (and nights!) to ensure this event was the best yet. Under the direction of SGC Manager Chris Nie and SGC Deputy Manager Davide Petrillo, the organising team’s hard work enabled all attendees to make the most of the event – from engagement with the speakers, to the outcomes of the working groups, networking breaks, and the special evening events. The success of this event helped to promote the voice of the next generation of space sector leaders from around the world. Congratulations to each and every member of the organizing team!”

From SGAC Executive Director:

“The Space Generation Congress 2019 Organising Team has done a fantastic job in making our flagship event a success. The 18th SGC was the most successful to date in terms of number of attendees, national diversity of attendees, scholarships given, caliber of speakers, and overall conference professionalism. This event is the culmination of the hard work of an amazing team; a team which has been working tirelessly on this event for over a year. A particular mention to Chris and Davide, the event Manager and Deputy Manager, for their outstanding leadership. With more than 150 delegates from 51 different countries, the SGC2019 was a great success and we are confident that next year’s conference will continue the strong trend that they have set in 2019“