Gourav Namta is graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has a strong love for space. Amazing things would happen in space during his lifetime and he hopes to make a contribution to some of them. He is part of the Strategic Partnerships Team at SGAC and has been given the opportunity to lead the Jobs Board project here at SGAC. Apart from his little work at SGAC, he writes about the space industry and space entrepreneurship in particular. He firmly believes that space holds the answer to some of the challenges we face here on Earth and dreams of grabbing a beer and chilling out on Mars enjoying the blue sunset.

Here’s Gourav’s reaction: “I really do feel lucky, humbled and privileged to be selected as SGAC MoM. I think what sets SGAC apart from all the other organization are the people in it. Never ever have I been a part of such a diverse, talented and international set of people whose love for space is truly amazing. Thank you SGAC for this! You’re my fav!”


Gourav Namta has been nominated by

Nominator: Harriet Brettle (Strategic Partnership Team):

Nomination: “Gourav has been a highly motivated and active member of the strategic partnerships team. He has led the development of the SGAC jobs board, working with people across SGAC and beyond to bring great value to our members. He is incredibly hard working and dedicated – a huge asset to the team and to SGAC”

From the SGAC Executive Director, Clementine Decoopman:

“As a relative newcomer to the Strategic Partnership Team, Gourav has certainly left his mark in a short time. He has performed beyond expectations in his role and did an outstanding job in leading the implementation of the SGAC Job Board which will certainly bring value to our members around the world. He is a motivated volunteer who has a profound desire to contribute to the SGAC community.”