Ghanim Alotaibi

Ghanim works as an engineer in Kuwait University the college of science responsible about a CubeSat project, and he is the Middle East regional coordinator for the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC). In addition, he is an analogue astronaut performing fields rotation at the Mars Desert Research Station simulating missions to Mars among an international crew, and he is the event manager of the Moon Village – Realizing Emerging Space Countries [Kuwait].

Ghanim has a BSc in mechanical engineering – Kuwait University, a MSc in photovoltaics – solar energy from Freiburg University – Germany, a graduate certificate in astronomy from Swinburn University – Australia and a diploma from the International Space University – France. Before his work in Kuwait University, Ghanim worked for 6 years in Kuwait Oil Company, the founder of Era’s Challenge company for renewable energy system and was a physics teacher.

Here’s Ghanim’s reaction: “It is my great pleasure to be part of the continues success of SGAC!”

Ghanim Alotaibi has been nominated by

Nominator: Abdulaziz Alsaeed (NPoC Saudi Arabia)

“I recommend Ghanim Alotaibi he puts a tremendous effort and time to support NPoC ‘s Middle East, his availability and support putting shearing strategies and answering question in the past month to achieve the present of SGAC on the region via future events and workshops, specially in Saudi Arabia.”

From the SGAC Co-Chair, Arnau Pons:

“Ghanim has demonstrated an outstanding leadership as Regional Coordinator and contributed greatly to expand and connect the SGAC community in the Middle East. In addition, Ghanim has been instrumental in establishing new MoUs and partnerships with space organisations in the region as well as leading SGAC efforts towards hosting our first Middle East Space Generation Workshop.”