Call for Contributors

The SGAC Policy Action Team is looking for contributors to draft two White Papers to be addressed to the US National Space Council (NSpC) Users’ Advisory Group (UAG). SGAC will submit two white papers to the following subcommittees of the UAG:

  • Outreach and Education
  • Space Policy and International Engagement

The two white papers will cover topics related to the two subcommittees, and will be submitted one per subcommittee.

What is the SGAC Policy Action Team?
The SGAC Policy Action Team is a brand new Action Team charged with gathering contributions and ideas from SGAC members and drafting Position Papers and Recommendations to SGAC stakeholders, International Organizations and Space Policy-making fora in which SGAC represents students and young professionals in the space sector, giving them a voice.

What’s the NSpC?
Chaired by Vice President of the United States, the National Space Council is a body within the Executive Office of the President of the US. It was revived by the Trump Administration, after having been disbanded in 1993. It shapes and direct the US process for its National Space Policy, with support and guidance from the UAG. Read more about it here.

What’s the UAG?
The Users’ Advisory Group is an advisory body formed by representatives of the US industry, non-Federal entities, and other actors involved in aeronautical and space activities to have their interests represented in the policy-making process. The UAG provides recommendations to the National Space Council on matters ranging from space exploration to aspects concerning space and national security. You can read more about it here.

Why submit white papers to the UAG?
The UAG is the Advisory Board of the Users of Space and space-related activities. SGAC fits such definition, and so do you, as Student or Young Professional of the Space Sector. In fact, during the IAC 2018, a
SGAC Delegation met with UAG Chairman Adm. Ellis, and the UAG Chairman acknowledged SGAC work in this capacity during the 4th Meeting of the NSpC, in October 2018.

Why these committees?
They are relevant as they address the needs of Students and Young Professionals in Education, and they allow SGAC’s non-US and international base to fully participate, as these subcommittees are not only US-centered. These committees are in line with the SGAC mandate – representing university students and young space professionals ages 18-35 to the United Nations, space agencies, industry, and academia.

What’s in for you?

  • Get to know more about US Space Policy dynamics and contribute to them
  • Make your voice as a Space User be heard
  • Actively represent and advocate for SGAC
  • Provide direct input to space-policy makers

What we expect from contributors and the submissions

  • The UAG is about pointing out issues to the NSpC, not providing solutions. We want you to contribute with what you think might be an issue that needs attention.
  • You can send one or more issue per subcommittee, clearly stating which of the two subcommittee it is addressed to. Please address each issue to a single subcommittee.
  • Each contribution should be maximum of 250 words, briefly describing the issue and why you think it is important we raise to the UAG.
  • You must clearly cite and source references, though no specific reference format is required (references do not add up to the words limit). This will help facilitate the Policy Action Team’s job to produce the white papers incorporating all contributions.
  • Please submit your contribution(s) separately, in .doc file(s), making sure each file includes your Name/Surname, email contact, affiliation (if applicable), and the subcommittee to which it is addressed.

To ensure your contribution can be used, please remember:

  • SGAC has drafted some Guidelines to write Recommendations. The Policy Action Team will use these to draft the white papers, so make sure your contributions are compliant with them!
  • Our recommendations will be seen by very high level officials and will reflect on the entirety of our organisation, and should be taken seriously. Therefore, you should check the UAG Subcommittees’ scopes and goals to make sure the points you raise are appropriate. (Check here, from page 24).

How does this call work?

  1. You submit your contributions(s) by the 25th of May, and remain available to be contacted
  2. We select the best ones and come back to you to ask for clarifications, opinions, and your support to polish or merge your input with others’ without distorting your view on the issue. We will come back to you by the first week of June.
  3. We merge the selected contributions into two final white papers: one related to Outreach and Education, and one related to Space Policy and International Engagement. The White Papers will be finalized for review by June 15th.

Who can contribute?
To be eligible to send us your contribution(s), you only need to be a registered member of SGAC. We reiterate that this call if for all SGAC members, not just for US citizens.

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