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Kazakhstan is the country where Baikonur, the first and largest space launch facility is located. It has relatively recently started to actively get involved in various space projects since it gained independence twenty-three years ago. Nevertheless, there are young professionals who are ready to be part of this growing industry, make contributions towards its development and build a bright and exciting space future.

Young Space Activities Overview in Kazakhstan

SGAC representatives held introduction presentations in 2 major cities of Kazakhstan. Most of the activities are held by local institutions and universities for students that pursue their degree in space. Due to the low demand, there are not a lot of local activities and most of the students engage themselves through international organizations such as SGAC.

Country Specific Events in 2017


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Kazakhstan

Space Agencies:
National Center of Space Research and Technology

Institute of Ionosphere
Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute