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Welcome to SGAC Albania homepage. This platform aims to promote space studies and increase the involvement of Albania’s young generation in the space community. SGAC reached Albania in 2013 and since then its assigned National Points of Contact (NPoCs) have organized several activities to promote SGAC and increase the community of space enthusiast in Albania.
Currently there are no appointed NPoCs, but for more information please contact the Regional Coordinators for Europe.

Albania can not demonstrate a long-standing history of participation in space-related programs and activities. The subjects of Astronomy and Astrophysics are treated relatively little in the Universities of Nature in Albania. Despite that, a research group in the Department of Physics in Tirana University are working since several years to examine the probability of obtaining microlensing events and to discern from the masses and distributions of free-floating planets populating our galaxy. Tirana University and the Academy of Science Albania are currently promoting and supporting space studies research aiming to build a stronger space society and influence the government in pursuing policies in support of space education programs. Several non-profit organizations such as STEM Outreach Albania, Protik Center, Metropolitan Geospatial Center, have created joint platforms to promote space research in the country and increase the involvement of the young generation in research and space studies, paved the way to many joint projects and activities with SGAC. STEM Outreach Albania has organized numerous roundtables and workshops at several high schools and universities in Albania to introduce the opportunities that the space sector offers and encourage them to pursue a STEM career.

Furthermore, members of SGAC Albania contributed to the organization of the first Science and Innovation Week in Albania. They also were part of the organization of the NASA Space App Challenge 2016 in Tirana. In both the events, the NPoC provided the attendees all the necessary information about SGAC and encouraged them to become a member. The success of this event lead to a number of future project proposals that will be organized in 2017.

Young Space Activities Overview in Albania

Youth scientific and space activities in Albania are mostly organized by the Ministry of Education or the Academy of Science, but they are very limited. The currently established organizations, which have attracted numerous students and young professional, are aiming to change this trend. STEM Outreach Albania mission is to increase hands-on activities in high schools and universities and build a strong network of young people that want to develop a solid space society in Albania.

Country-Specific Events in 2023

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