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Welcome to the Ukrainian site for the Space Generation Advisory Council! The Ukrainian space sector holds many opportunities for students and young professionals. Since the earliest days of Ukraine, independent space capabilities have been one of the priorities for the country and along with international cooperation in space activities. SGAC strives to bring these opportunities to our members and to create new ways for young people to advance Ukraine’s role in the international space community. To do this, we share news of scholarships, conferences, internships and other opportunities with our network of members across the country. We hope you join us!

Young Space Activities Overview in Ukraine

There are many ways that students and young professionals can get involved with the Ukraine space industry and all that it offers. The most common ways are through their academic studies, student societies, conferences and workshops. Special attention is given to space education in Ukraine. Talented youth are sought out at an early age, and development and maintenance of their interest continues through young adulthood. The National Aerospace Educational Center of Youth (NAECY), named after А.М. Makarov, has been working in this direction for 16 years, conducting educational activities for pupils and students on the principle “school-university-enterprise”. It also holds a number of space projects, such as an All-Ukrainian Research-Educational Conference of Pupils called “Star Way”, the international youth scientific conference “Human and Space”, scientific publications like “Dneprovskaya Orbita” and other various seminars, presentations and competitions.

Ukraine has many universities that offer technical training to prepare the next generation of space sector leaders. Some examples include the physics department in the Dnipropetrovsk National University, the department of aircraft and space systems of the National Technical University of Ukraine, the radio-technical and rocket Space Technology departments of National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”, Kharkiv National University of Radio and Electronics and the National Aviation University of Kiev.

Students of these universities participate in the implementation of various projects, in cooperation with advanced enterprises, organisations and the State Space Agency of Ukraine. One of the first such projects was initiated by SSAU and was developed by young adults: the UYS-1 (Ukrainian Youth Sattelite-1). As a result of this project, more satellite design projects are happening at the aerospace universities around Ukraine. For example, work on the creation the first Ukrainian university nanosatellite is underway now.

Furthermore, many international projects have been initiated between space universities in Ukraine with universities in Europe, USA, China, and Japan. An example of this is Project CRIST, running under the program TEMPUS-IV, which is funded by the European Commission. To continue to attract young people into the space sector and to maintain, reinforce and motivate their interest, The Council of Young Ukrainian Space Industry Workers (СYUSIW) was created in 2001. It consists of representatives from 18 major space enterprises in Ukraine. The main areas of activity for the council include attracting youth to scientific sectors, supporting promising young scientists through scholarships, organizing sporting and cultural activities, and enabling interactions between young adults in various scientific fields.

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