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Welcome to SGAC Panama! As in many other countries, the fascination for space is still considered more a recreational activity rather than seen an opportunity for the development in Panama. The Panamanian Association of Amateur Astronomers (APAA) was created in 1983 and is a very important association leading the efforts to increase awareness for space related issues. APAA closely collaborates with universities, national authorities in science and technology, and SGAC. Although there are only a few space-related scientific activities in Panama, The National Bureau of Science, Technology and Innovation of Panama (SENACYT) has initiated several programmes to financially support projects involving geospatial and spatial technology. With the same effort, the education of young Panamanians in this field is also supported and perceived as an important asset to develop Panama further. If you want to support these activities, we are ready to support you – join us at SGAC!

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Abdiel Chiu
National Point of Contact
SGAC Start of Term (date): 9 Feb 2018
Country: Panama

Entrepreneur, dedicate to Kaizen philosophy, passionate engineer, believer in education as the main tool for improving our world. Fan of Edgar Allan Poe and Isaac Asimov.

Young Space Activities Overview in Panama

In Panama, many space-related activities are youth oriented. Most of these activities are organised by amateur organisations like APAA and AstroAzuero. The primary goal of these national associations is the promotion astronomy in Panama through lectures addressing members and the general public alike. Scientific observations of astronomical events and outreach activities involving mass media are also frequently used by these groups.  Apart from these mainly public activities, many projects in the geospatial field such as remote sensing, precision agriculture, GPS ship monitoring and many more were supported by the government. Young students had the opportunity to work with experts in these areas during these projects, taking these opportunities to familiarize themselves with and learn about the involved technologies.

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Workshop with Dr Erika Podest, a Panamanian national working at the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratories)

Workshop with Dr Erika Podest, a
Panamanian national working at the JPL (Jet
Propulsion Laboratories)

Space activities - image (c) by Astro Azureo

Space activities
Image by Astro Azureo

Kids in the city of Chitre

Kids in the city of Chitre