SGAC and its partners hosts a number of scholarships for students and young professionals to attend the Space Generation Congress (SGC) 2018 and or the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2018. SGAC would like to thank these partners for their support.

If you have any further queries about scholarships or if you or your organisation is interested in providing talented students and young professionals with the opportunity to share their work and ideas with global space community, please contact SGAC Competitions Coordinators ([email protected]).

Below you find the overview of all closed, open, or planned scholarships for SGC 2018 and or IAC 2018. This overview is subject to change and thus we recommend that you will check the overview frequently.

Scholarship Status Deadline Organized by
Emerging Space Leaders Closed 11 February 2018 Partner**
SGC 2018  – OHB SE Competition Closed 11 March 2018 SGAC*
$pace is Business Competition Closed 15 March 2018 SGAC*
Move an Asteroid Competition Closed 15 March 2018 SGAC*
 ILEWG Scholarship Closed 25 March 2018 SGAC*
Young ESA – SGAC Diversity Scholarship Closed 2 April 2018 SGAC*
CNES Scholarship Closed  8 April 2018 SGAC*
Australian Space Generation Innovators Award Closed 15 April 2018 SGAC*
18th SGC Logo Competition Closed 15 April 2018 SGAC*
Future Space Leaders Grant Program Closed 15 May 2018 Partner**
Space Generation Leadership Award Closed 15 May 2018 SGAC*

*Scholarships organized by SGAC are listed on the official SGAC Scholarship website.

**SGAC is not liable for any of the partners’ organised scholarships. Any applications, remarks, claims or complaints shall be made directly to the partner and shall not made through SGAC.

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