Want to learn more about Mission Control operations? Then keep an eye out for SGAC’s 2018 Space Exploration Workshop, hosted by ZARM in Bremen, to be held on Sunday 30 September.

The annual SE Workshop is organised by SGAC as an accompanying event during IAC. The workshop aims to bring together young space professionals and students from various backgrounds to learn about and gain practical experience in a chosen space topic. The 2018 topic is: Mission Control Operations within Space Analog Missions.

During this full-day workshop, subject matter experts (SMEs) willgive lectures about the different aspects of space missions and how these activities are simulated on Earth through analog simulations. This is to fulfill the main objective to provide initial training to people with different backgrounds on how to plan and conduct an Analog Mission and work together in a comprehensive team to conduct Mission Control (MC) operations. The communication and problem solving methods that are utilised in this context will be showcased. 

The practical aspect of the workshop will take the form of a SimSim– a simulation of a simulation: The activities of the analog astronauts and the physical infrastructure such as the lab/habitat/planetary surface are all simulated. The SMEs will supervise and act as Capcom between the simulated scenario and the MC team of delegates. MC will be required to plan, analyse and make decisions regarding the simulated scenario based on feedback received via their Capcom.

Each MC team will be evaluated based on their ability to complete the mission and will receive feedback from the SMEs upon completion of the SimSim. Applications to become a delegate to the SE workshop are expected to open in mid-August. Only 30 delegate spaces are available.

A workshop attendance fee of 10 will be applicable. 

The workshop will begin promptly at 09:00 (Registration opens at 08:30) and will conclude at 17:00. The morning will consist of lectures and a planning session for the MC team to devise their strategy. Lunch is included, as well as a tour of the ZARM facility. The afternoon session will cover the execution of the SimSim, a short report by the MC team, and feedback from the SMEs. The 2018 SE Workshop is an initiative of the SGAC Space Exploration Project Group (SEPG).

Preliminary Program: (subject to change)

08:30 – 09:00 (30 min)  Registration Open
09:00 – 10:30(1.5 hrs) Introduction, Speaker Sessions Room 1730
10:30 – 10:45 (15 min)  Tea Break
10:45 – 11:45 (1 hr)  Speaker Sessions Room 1730
11:45 – 12:30 (45 min) SimSim Mission Scenario & Planning Activity Room 1730
12:30 – 13:10 (40 min) Lunch Break
13:10 – 13:50 (40 min) Tour of ZARM facilities
13:50 – 14:15 (25 min) Final Mission Briefing and Prep for SimSim Room 1730
14:15 – 15:30 (1.25 hrs) SimSim Rm 1730 & Rm 1040
15:30 – 15:45 (15 min)  Post-Mission Review Rm 1730 & Rm 1040
15:45 – 16:00 (15 min)  Tea Break
16:00 – 16:40 (40 min)  Feedback Sessions Room 1730
16:40 – 17:00 (20 min)  Closing Room 1730

Speakers: Dr. Christiane Heinicke (ZARM), Dr. Aidan Cowley (ESA), Reinhard Tlustos (OeWF) and Matt Harasymczuk & Agata Maria Kolodziejczyk (Space Garden Company). The 2018 SE Workshop will be moderated by Joao Lousada (OeWF & SGAC) and supervised by Hady Ghassabian (SGAC Space Exploration Project Group).

Application Process

Applications have now closed.


7 August – applications open
20 August – deadline to apply to the Sunday Workshops
20 – 26 August – review of the applications
27 August  – announcements of selected participants
27 August – 3 September – Eventbrite registration open

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