After a fantastic Yuri’s night at Space Foundation HQ, our Fusion Forum delegates returned for the second and last day at the Cheyenne Lodge. The day started off with opening remarks from Victoria Samson, Washington Office Director of the Secure World Foundation. After Victoria’s thought provoking speech on the secure, sustainable and peaceful uses of outer space, the discussion track group presentations began, with each discussion track nominating one person to present their findings to the rest of the Fusion Forum delegates. The first discussion track was ‘Innovative Influences of Space on Earth’ and was presented by Danny Bednar of the University of Western Ontario’s Department of Geography. Danny spoke about solving problems outside of the space sector, by using solutions developed in the space sector.

Next up was the ‘Entrepreneurship in the space industry’, co-presented by Colin Nugen of Lockheed Martin and Mike Provenzano of Carnegie Mellon University’s MBA program in Pittsburgh. Colin and Mike examined the opportunities in the industry in the coming years, particularly with Earth Observation data and how only 10% of that data is used today. The ‘Space Tech and Innovation’ track was presented by Global Grants Programme recipient, Genaro Grajeda of Eutelsat who discussed how technology will advance as a necessity, rather than as a trend, as humans travel to deep space. Saul Reza Arcelus of AeroMexico presented the results of the ‘Humans in Space’ track. Saul highlighted the importance of learning from the past to build a sustainable path forward for human exploration in deep space.

The ‘Space Science’ track considered the roles for both humans and robots in future space science missions and was presented by Claire Wilhelm of the George Washington University Space Policy Institute. The final track was from the ‘National Security in International Space’ group and was spoken by Brian Kester of the U.S. Air Force. Brian and his group deliberated on what causes instability on the space sector’s national security areas and what we can do to improve stability in those areas.

It was then time for delegates to participate in one of Dr Jan Woerner’s ‘Jams with Jan’ sessions on the ‘moon village’ and his perspective on the new race to space. Dr. Woerner’s position as Director General of the European Space Agency (ESA) provided delegates with a unique opportunity to interact with the person responsible for bringing 22 member states to collaborate with each other to achieve space objectives that benefit a vast community.

After Dr. Woerner’s interactive session, delegates went outside for a well-deserved s’more break by the firepit on the Cheyenne Lodge porch. Delegates from the United States were extremely helpful to our delegates from abroad who had their first s’more experience. The fantastic weather and beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains made the break all the s’more worthwhile.

Mr. Carlo des Dorides, the Executive Director of the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency gave the closing keynote speech and provided an overview of the Galileo program initiated by ESA. Carlos went on to discuss the advancements in technology and improvements in consumer experience through the use of the global navigation satellite system program.

We ended our half-day session with a heartfelt speech by the Fusion Forum manager for 2018, Chantelle Dubois. Chantelle thanked her team that made the Fusion Forum possible, the sponsors involved in getting this event off the ground, and her Deputy Manager, Lauren Smith who will be leading the Fusion Forum team in 2019. Our delegates then headed to the Broadmoor Hotel to being the Space Symposium! Looking forward to another great year in 2019!