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Associate Expert programme (Associate Expert on Enabling Space Technology)  is open in support of the Executive Secretariat of the ICG to provide specific expertise in implementing the ICG workplan and its technical assistance activities. Detailed information on the United Nations Associate Experts Programme is available at http://esa.un.org/techcoop/associateexperts/index.html

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Project Team

Project Co-Leads

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Project Co-Founder

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  • Ali Alizadeh
  • Leila Qasemzade
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  • Lukas Lanneau
  • Helen Tung
    Henry Ibitolu
    Ozan Kilic
    Prabin Gyawali
    Pratiwi Kusumawardani
    Yasith Lakmal Ramawickrama


YGNSS Activities

YGNSS is a team of university students and young professionals who aim to help bring the maximum benefits of the Global Navigation Satellite System, or GNSS, to society. YGNSS supports the International Committee on GNSS (ICG), an international forum for cooperation on Global Navigation Satellite Systems recognized by the United Nations. Two of the primary goals of the project team are to provide input to ICG, particularly on matters related to education and public outreach, and to act as a medium for information dissemination on GNSS. Among other activities, YGNSS conducts promotional activities relating to cooperation in GNSS and GNSS applications and presents the benefits of GNSS at various conferences around the world.

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YGNSS Workshop on Interoperability and International Cooperation

YGNSS/SGAC organizes a workshop on Interoperability and International Cooperation with the collaboration of UNAVCO and the University of Colorado in Boulder and sponsored by Lockheed-Martin.

The full-day workshop will take place in the University of Colorado in Boulder, on 1 November 2015.

The workshop aims to bring the benefits and issues of GNSS interoperability and the mechanisms of international cooperation to young professionals and students. For more information, check out the workshop website!



Project's Top Outputs


YGNSS Project Lead Stephanie Wan giving a
talk on YGNSS at the ICG


Patthara Limsira representing YGNSS
at the APRSAF Conference


Conference Presentations in Past Year


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