Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can participate?

This event is dedicated to young space lovers, who may or may not have space entrepreneurship ideas, who may or may not have a team, yet who have the will to put themselves at play to shape the future of humanity.

What if I have a startup?

Wonderful! If you have not yet received external investments, you may join as a team!

What if I’m alone?

You will have the chance to be added into a team! No one is left alone!

Why join the event?

To build a space-related network, win coachings/internships/event tickets/other prizes, and expecially to learn how to create a space startup!
Also, this event will be hosted in the Italian Space Agency, the hearth of the aerospace environment of Italy!

Is there a selection process?

No, to join the event you may simply purchase a ticket.

I don’t know how to create a startup, will I receive help?

Before the event there will be moments in which you will be able to learn how to do so, as well as being able to grow other skills.

What companies will be participating at the event?

At the event we will have a moltitude of companies, both big and small, both Italian and international. Please refer to the sponsor list for further informations. In the last editions we had Airbus, Leonardo, D-Orbit and many more!

Can I use this event to grow my network and search for potential job opportunities?

ABSOLUTELY, that’s what this event is for!


Further questions? Get in touch with our delegates team!