SGAC Mentoring Committee

About Us

The SGAC Mentoring Program was created in 2018 following key recommendations at SGF 2.0 (Vienna) to foster development and support in the space sector through mentoring. SGAC created the mentorship program for its members in order to help connect SGAC members with experts in the space sector, especially through our vast network of SGAC Alumni. The mentorship program aims at connecting mentees and mentors in order to provide guidance, give personalized advice, and support to mentees from the different mentors. Through the Mentorship Program, SGAC hopes its members will be able to get all the help / guidance they need to advance in their careers.

Interested In Becoming a Mentor or a Mentee?

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About the Logo

The SGAC Mentoring Program logo is surrounded by the laurel as custom to SGAC’s main brand identity, as well as paying tribute to its UN-affiliation heritage. The logo depicts two hands engaged in a handshake with the upper hand representing a mentor, with the lower hand representing a mentee. The mentor is taking the mentee through the hard wave of the oceans (lower right, violet) as well as the winds of the night sky – and, ultimately – through the stars. The stars show the “little dipper” constellation, which is the constellation of Polaris. The Polaris represents each mentor assisting each mentee to find their own “true North”, or the true career that each individual navigates for themselves.


All mentor and mentee applicants should read our Mentorship Program Policy before applying.
For any questions about this program, please contact:
[email protected].