Due to the high diversity of local events in terms of type and scale, but also in terms of topics treated and of SGAC role with regards to these events, it has been decided that local events will be distinguished in 3 types with respect to SGAC level of involvement with these respective events: SGAC “owned” local events, SGAC “partnered” events and SGAC “endorsed” events.

The SG[Country] Events are 100% managed by SGAC. In other words:

  • the team is exclusively composed of SGAC members
  • the event is hosted on the SGAC website, and has an event page on the SGAC Events Calendar and the SG[ ] page
  • the efforts behind the event programme, logo, invited speakers, sponsors etc. are handled in coordination and with the support of SGAC
  • the registration is hosted on the SGAC website and proceeds from registration solely benefit SGAC
  • the promotional campaign (social media platforms, mailing lists etc.) is handled in coordination and with the support of SGAC

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See a concrete example! 

On 16 – 17 June 2019, on the occasion of the International Paris Air Show 2019 and the anniversary of the Moon Landing, SGAC organised the first edition of the  SG[France].  The first SG[France] was divided into two parts. On the 16th of June, all delegates are invited to participate in the Moon Workshop about the challenges of the future Lunar human activity in the line of “Moon for @all”. The group discussions will focus on three main topics connected to the Moon: industry-architecture-robotics, economics-open source, and culture. The 17th of June is the professional day as well as the first day of the Paris Air Show Event. All participants will have the opportunity to visit the Exhibition Center of Le Bourget and discover the presentation stands of today’s biggest aerospace industries.

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Partnered Events are organised in partnership with another organisation or constitute a parallel programme to an existing event or conference. Most of the time, the whole event preparations (programme, invitations, delegates, promotion) is done in common agreement with the partner. 

In this case: 

  • the event is not hosted on the SGAC website but can have an event page on the SGAC Event Calendar and the SGAC Partnered Events page
  • SGAC supports the partner with: invitations to speakers/experts, promotional efforts, programme suggestions etc.
  • the financial proceeds from the event are usually shared, if not, SGAC receives some kind of benefits (visibility, scholarships, free or discounted tickets to a conference, …)

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See a concrete example! 

The New Space Economy (NSE) European ExpoForum is organised by Fondazione Amaldi and Fiera Roma, in cooperation with the Space Foundation and supported by the Italian Space Agency (ASI). This is an international event focusing on the New Space Economy and its ability to promote and create new market opportunities and economic development in Europe. This is a unique opportunity, involving space a non-space industries, enabling them to discuss about spin spin-offs an spin-ins and how space can be of interest here on earth. SGAC joined forces with Fondazione Amaldi and Fiera Roma to bring a unique track to the NSE Expoforum. Organized along different tracks, the Expoforum will in fact host a #SpaceGen track together with SGAC, fused and distributed along the three days of the event, to discuss and work together on space, youth and startups.

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Endorsed Events are organised under a specific initiative promoted by other organisations. For instance, the World Space Week is held in October 4-10 annually. It is the largest space event on Earth. More than 5,000 events in over 80 countries celebrated the theme “Space Unites the World” in 2018. Everyone is free to organise an event in the context of World Space Week. The event will then be endorsed by World Space Week. SGAC has continuously promoted and supported these initiatives by encouraging its members to organise events. These events are then supported by SGAC. 

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Other examples include: 

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