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We’d Love to Hear From You, Get In Touch With Us!

The Space Generation Advisory Council is a global non-governmental, non-profit (US 501(c)3) organisation and network which aims to represent university students and young space professionals (aged 18-35) to the United Nations, space agencies, industry, and academia.

SGAC is based out of Vienna, Austria with an additional office situated in Washington DC, United States of America. As a registered non-profit and non-governmental organisation, SGAC is a registered 501(c)3 organisation in the US – all donations to SGAC are eligible for tax deduction. All SGAC Executive Office Members, Regional Coordinators and National Points of Contact are unpaid volunteers, with the exception of our Executive Director.

To find out more about SGAC, contact SGAC’s Executive Director, Clementine Decoopman. | T:+43 1 718 11 18 30

EIN 45-0473253

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  1. SGAC AAS Next Generation Event 2018

    July 23 @ 09:00 - 15:00
  2. Space Generation Congress 2018

    September 27 - September 29
  3. African Space Generation Workshop 2018

    December 13 - December 14