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Space sector activities are growing throughout the Middle East. With the help of SGAC, space events such as World Space Week activities and Yuri’s Nights, have continued with wide participation of university students and young professionals in the space sector.  Success of the “first Youth Space Forum” in conjunction with Global Space Congress has paved the way for further regional and international cooperation within the regional plans. Being a part of space development in the region is a continued goal for SGAC.

Behnoosh Meskoob
Behnoosh Meskoob
Apr 2013 – Jan 2018
Leila Ghasemzadeh
Leila Ghasemzadeh
Feb 2017 – Feb 2019

Current/Recent Activities in Region

  • The first Youth Space Forum in conjunction with the Global Space Congress, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • First SpaceUp[Turkey] and SpaceUp[Israel]
  • Space Generation local events in Iran, Israel, Kuwait, Egypt and Turkey
  • Yuri’s night, International Asteroid’s Day, World Space Week and SGAC Find an Asteroid Search Campaign
  • SGAC Introduction sessions at international and regional events and introduction articles in regional magazines, newspapers
  • IAC papers about space outreach activities in the region, with NPoCs cooperation

 Scholarships and Sponsorships

  • All Space Agencies of the Middle East countries: To specify sponsorship for 1 student/country to attend SGC/IAC 2017
  • SG[Kuwait]: Participant teams will write a proposal to establish national space agency- winner team will be granted for SGC participation
  • Ilan Roman (Israel): The annual conference of the Israeli Chapter of the SGAC, as part of the Ilan Ramon Intl. conference, part of the MoU signed by SGAC and The Fischer Institute in 2016
  • Engineers Without Borders- Kuwait chapter: Facilitation in financial management of SG[Kuwait]
  • Kuwait Foundation of the Advancement of Science (KFAS) cooperation for future SGAC related activities such as SG[Kuwait] in Kuwait
  • The University of Cyprus (science department): Potential to attract guest speakers to events supported or organised by the SGAC and its members. Venues at the university could be provided, as   well as financial support on several of the costs of organising a talk or conference.
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  1. SGx 2018

    March 12 @ 09:00 - 18:00
  2. SpaceOps 2018

    May 28 - June 1