Europe Region

The European region is an important centre of SGAC’s activities which are often policy driven and connected to the main space agencies in Europe. SGAC participates in many conferences, UN committees, workshops, space policy reviews and publications in the region. The European region counts almost 50 National Points of contacts (NPoCs) representing 31 countries. SGAC Europe aims to continue fostering a continuous pro-active representation in all the countries. SGAC Europe annually organizes the European Space Generation Workshop (E-SGW), a two-days regional workshop for university students and young professionals with a passion for space where are discussed topics mainly related to the region. The 2nd E-SGW took place in Paris at ESA headquarters on March 24-25, 2017.

Regional Coordinators Europe

Regional Coordinator
SGAC Start of Term (date): 1 Jun 2018
Country: Romania

An International Security and International Affairs graduate with over 5 years of communication and project management experience in research institutions, private and international organisations, Alexandra joined the space sector in 2015, when she took up the position of Project Manager at Eurisy, a Paris based association of space agencies tasked with raising awareness on the benefits of satellite-based services for society. In her position she works with various stakeholders across the space value-added chain to exchange know-how and good practices on operational and potential uses of satellite technology in various sectors. Prior to taking up the position of European Regional Coordinator at SGAC, Alexandra acted as the Event Manager of the 3rd European Space Generation Workshop. A passionate communicator, she is also a strong advocate for youth empowerment and aims to bring positive impact through her work and volunteering activities.

Current/Recent Activities in Region

  • Organisation of targeted workshops for specific audience or topic (e.g. SGAC European Student Workshop, SGAC NextGen Program, ESA-SGAC Event at Paris Air show);
  • Organizing local SG events (e.g. SG[Greece] 2017);
  • SpaceUp events all around the Europe (SpaceUp MilanSpaceUp BarcelonaSpaceUp SwedenSpaceUp NorwaySpaceUp Skoltech);
  • Support and organization of World Space Week events and Yuri’s Nights;
  • Running networking events (e.g. Discover Your Space in the Netherlands);
  • Local events and summer schools (Hungarian Space Academy, Poland Mars Analogue Simulation Workshop (PMAS), Summer Space School in Russia, etc.);
  • SGAC leadership presentations at the International Space University;
  • Active participation in International Astronautical Congress, local conferences and other scientific events (e.g. UK Space Conference 2017);
  • Organizing annual SGAC Christmas Dinner always in a different European city.

The European region supports SGAC trend focused on developing recommendations and input concerning the future of the organization and it is interested in building a solid network within members rising their visibility at every level: in the organisation at local and at global levels. SGAC Europe has big potential and offers many local scholarships (e.g. Young ESA, DLR, ASI, etc.). Check the list of SGAC scholarships for more comprehensive list of scholarships.