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Who We Are

The Space Safety and Sustainability (SSS) Project Group, under the SGAC, provides a platform for students and young professionals to contribute to technical and policy debates on space safety and sustainability.

The group pools together a wide range of SSS expertise with members located in both developed and developing nations. As the next generation of key SSS policy makers and technical experts, we explore current and future trends of space safety and sustainability.

The Project Group has presented numerous papers and reports to the UN and at the International Astronautical Congress and strives to raise awareness about space safety and sustainability issues. Established in 2011, the project group has run more than 20 projects over the past 11 years, involving young professionals from all over the world.


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Our Aims and Objectives

To identify key issues and areas of space safety and sustainability relating to current and proposed space operations.

To examine the safety and long-term sustainability of outer space activities in all aspects, taking into account the interests of all countries.

To create an international space forum to showcase the youth’s perspective on the safety of space activities, and the sustainability of the space environment for future generations.

To raise awareness on sustainability issues and practices related to the space field.

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