Space Law and Policy Project Group

Space Law and Policy Project Group

We’re in a dynamic era of space exploration characterized by the rapid emergence of new uses of space that require laws and policies to enable them. That’s what we, SGAC’s Space Law and Policy Project Group, are here to do. 

We undertake research on space-related international and national laws, but also offer insight on evolving objectives and action plans of stakeholders in the international space community. We’re dedicated to delving into and analyzing current issues in international space law and policy as well as emerging challenges posed by new space actors and activities. 

Conceived during the 2011 Space Generation Congress by SGAC members Chris Johnson and Joyeeta Chatterjee, our project group is open to young professionals and university students from all backgrounds. Our primary goal is to organize and educate one another on all sources of space law (policy included). We succeed when the voices of the youth are heard in global discussions on legal, political, social, ethical, and other aspects of outer space.

Our team is currently focused on the following research areas:

  • Natural Space Resources

  • Remote Sensing for Environmental Protection

  • Artificial Intelligence in Space

  • Human Settlements in Space


The Space Law and Policy Project Group has identified the following goals:

  • Engage in critical debates about existing legal and policy aspects concerning space activities

  • Investigate legal and regulatory challenges faced by the space community

  • Propose space-related policy recommendations

  • Address potentially emerging questions and issues in the space sector

  • Develop research papers regarding trend questions and issues of the space community

  • To contribute and collaborate with the space community on multidisciplinary topics

  • We aim to partner creatively and collaboratively with other civil society institutions, such as the International Institute of Space Law, and to derive synergies from the vast global network of space academics and professionals.

As a member of civil society, we do not represent national or corporate interests but are rather interested in benefiting global society and humankind as a whole. However, we do not exclude collaboration with industries and governments, as long as this proves conducive to the normative framework of SGAC.

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