Achieving Net Zero: A Space Industry Perspective


In the NCAC Policy & Advocacy Webinar Series, we discuss policy topics relevant to the NCAC region with an international lens. For this webinar, we will discuss the impacts of the space industry on Earth’s climate and pathways to “net zero” emissions and environmentally friendly practices.

Space Generation Leadership Forum


The SGAC Space Education & Professional Development team is inviting you, our SGAC volunteering team members, to our internal professional development event - the SpaceGen Leaders Forum (SGLF). Started in 2021 and recently revived, SGLF will now be an annual platform to commemorate and enhance the visibility of initiatives, instances of leadership, and efforts across all volunteers within SGAC. This edition of SGLF will be to showcase the work carried out in 2023, with a full-fledged version to be expected by the end of the year for 2024.

Terraforming Ascension: The Legacy of a Victorian era Geo-engineering Project on the conception of Space Colonization and Space Conservation


The webinar will discuss the film TerraForma made by Kevin Brennan and Laurence Durkin and the lessons learned from the film's subjects on terraforming and landscape transformation. Science writer Oliver Morton and architect and writer Fred Scharmen who are both interviewed in the film will speak about their work in relation to the film's themes and subjects.

5th Italian Space Startup Competition

Rome, Italy

The Italian Space Startup Competition (ISSC) is a startup competition whose area of interest is space in all its facets. During the two days of the event, participants will have the opportunity to interact with experts from the space field and to work in teams, discussing ideas and shaping them into business cases. The participants will benefit from the support of mentors, whose backgrounds and expertise are diverse and covering different areas of the space sector.

SG[France] 2024

The space world is intensively focusing on sustainability, as highlighted by this year IAC’s choice of main topic. Within this context, we are thrilled to announce that SG[France] is back once again this year, with the headline “Sustainable Earth, Sustainable Space, Sustainable Future”! Following the success of our session in Bordeaux last year, which gathered about 100 passionate attendees, the SG[France]2024 team is very enthusiastic to make this new one memorable. After Paris, Toulouse, Lille, Strasbourg and Bordeaux, Lyon is the next French major city to host the event!