The SGAC network is growing with more and more events around the world. You can also get involved and take the lead in organising your own event in your country/region!

Depending on the size of the event you envision, please consider:

Since the first regional event, or Space Generation Workshop in 2014, SGAC has been able to attract a larger member audience excited to bring an ‘international’ gathering to their region with participants that are interested in discussing local space activities and may not be able to attend SGAC events in other parts of the globe. This movement allows the participants to meet similar minded space enthusiasts from their region, and spin a cultural flavour.

SGAC organises one Space Generation Workshop per region every year! 

Check out the Regional Event page to learn more about the different SGAC events. 

The increase of the SGAC local events has led to engagement within many new countries. In turn, local events act as the backbone of SGAC activities in a country and greatly contribute to connecting the global space community. Widening the introduction of national mailing lists, and holding events has also helped National Points of Contact grow the local network that supports them in the past few years. 

Is there already an event happening in your country?  If not, we encourage you to share your event idea with us!

Check out the Local Event page to learn more about the different SGAC events. 

Any questions? Please reach out to [email protected].