Our Giant Leap and this year’s SpaceGen United (SGU) organizing team have decided to partner up for an artwork competition on the theme “Women in the aerospace sector”. The contributions must also reflect the shared values of both parties which are gender equality and diversity, expressed under the sustainable development goal number 5.

This competition is a part of Our Giant Leap’s call for original creations, and will close on 21 June 2020.

The 3 winners of this competition will be offered 1 free ticket each to the SGU online congress and will present their contribution during a dedicated session of the event.

About SGU 2020

For the past 20 years, SGAC has been representing students and young professionals from around the world, all passionate about space. Now more than ever we want to keep our community connected through our new initiative SpaceGen United – SGAC’s very first online Congress! It will be a gathering of more than 150 participants, experts from across the space industry as well as SGAC Alumni, all during  the course of a week. As a unique and dynamic experience, SpaceGen United will include workshops, podcasts, virtual coffee hours, a trivia night and many other online gatherings and challenges for you to take part in. There will be #AskMeAnything sessions with SGAC Alumni and much, much more to look forward to!

About Our Giant Leap

Our Giant Leap is an outreach initiative that aims at encouraging gender equality and diversity in the space sector. We offer a networking platform for the space sector to utilize in order to break stereotypes and embrace diversity for the full palette of opportunity and ingenuity that it presents. As an outreach and engagement initiative leading up to our kick-off event SG[France] 2020 in September 2020, we invite artists from all domains (music, dance, paintings, poetry, theatre, sculpture, installations…) to submit their original work under the general theme of “Women in Aerospace”.


Eligibility criteria

  • The competition is open to all students and young professionals from any Member States of the United Nations.
  • All participants should be registered SGAC members. 
  • All participants shall be of the age between 18 to 35 inclusive (up to the day of your 36th birthday) on 1 July 2020.
  • The competition is open to individuals – no team submission is allowed.
  • Competition organizers and judges are not eligible for the competition.


To apply, please submit your artwork using the online form below before 21 June 2020 23:59 GMT.

Submissions are closed

The contributions for Our Giant Leap’s call for artwork will be considered for this competition only if the participant checks the corresponding option when filling the form. The participants who had already sent their contributions to the call for artwork prior to this competition will be contacted by e-mail to express their intention to participate in this competition.


The submission will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The artwork should include a reference to the theme “Women in the aerospace sector” and should reflect the linked values of Our Giant Leap and SGU expressed under the fifth sustainable development goal (gender equality, diversity). In addition, if the participant also wishes to address other sustainable development goals in his/her contribution, he/she may do so.
  • All submissions shall be original creations.
  • There is no limit to the number of artistic contributions per person. The participant shall just make sure that every contribution is different.
  • All submissions shall be made using the online form provided above by 21 June 2020, 23:59GMT. Any submissions after the deadline will not be considered. In case of lack of quality of submissions, the Selection Committee reserves the right to extend and/or cancel the competition.

Each submission should include the following:

  • Name of the artist
  • Title and short description of the artwork
  • Artwork as pdf, video, image or audio (max file size: 10MB)


The 3 selected winners will: 

  • Receive a free ticket to participate in the SpaceGen United (SGU) online Congress. The event will be organised virtually from 18 to 26 July 2020. 
  • Present their artwork during SpaceGen United (SGU). 
  • Be featured in the Our Giant Leap magazine, an inspiring handbook that will be printed and distributed to SG[France]2020: Our Giant Leap delegates and uploaded on SGAC website.
  • Have their artwork displayed during SG[France]2020: Our Giant Leap, a one-day event in September 2020.


The competition will be evaluated by Our Giant Leap members and SGU organizing team members. 


  • 1 June 2020: Call for applications opens
  • 21 June 2020: Call for applications closes
  • 28 June 2020: Winners are announced
  • 18-26 July 2020: SpaceGen United

Other information

Copyright and Intellectual Property

  • By submitting an entry, applicants agree to permit SGAC to mention their names, affiliations and headshot picture in connection with the competition.
  • Copyright of the submitted entry shall remain with the participants. However, by submitting an entry all contestants agree that all affiliated organizers are granted non-exclusive reproduction rights regarding all submitted artworks.


  • Organisers have the right to change the terms of the competition, including number of winners and prizes.


For any questions, please contact: