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The webinar will be part of the International Moon Day weekly events.

A panel will be organized with representatives of the Moon Village Association (lead by Suyan Malhadas and Chris Bosquillon)and the SGAC Space Law and Policy Project Group “Commercialization of Space Resources in Africa” project (lead by Jéssyka Nunes and Nifemi Awe).

Over one hour, four speakers will cover 4 presentations, with half an hour afterwards allocated to questions from participants.

Presentations will cover the theme of benefit “Sharing of lunar resource activities for Africa”, analysing regional and international contexts, with focus on expectations, needs and obstacles related to the participation of African countries in space resource activities on the Moon and associated value chains.

Specific topics to be covered in the presentations:

+ Commercialization and benefit sharing involving African countries
+ Access problems to solve prior to sharing: education, sci&tech, partnership with foreign countries
+ Capacity building in Africa in the space and lunar activities domain: opportunities and obstacles

Other issues specific to African women in space entrepreneurship to be tackled in the discussion:

+ How to remove cultural, socioeconomic and educational barriers to close the funding gap for African women space entrepreneurs ?
+ What can be done to increase the financial growth of space and Moon-oriented MSMEs owned and operated by African women?
+ What can African and global governments do to support and empower African women to enter the space and lunar economy?
+ What more can be done by financial institutions in order to address the barriers for the unbanked population of African women aspiring at space entrepreneurship?
+ How can access to financial and business education increase the opportunities for African women in communities not directly connected to space business?

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Confirmed Speakers: 

David Kasibante
Bio: Founder and Team Leader at Space4Tomorrow, Moon Village Association National Coordinator for Uganda and active panelist, will talk about his experience on Moon business and Africa (and developing nations), especially in-situ resource utilisation and benefit sharing




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