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The European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC) is the event in which rocketry teams from Europe will, for the first time, be able to launch their rockets and showcase their designs in the continent. Yearly editions of EuRoC will not only promote rocketry among universities, but will also push forward the space sector in Europe, attracting and maintaining young talent within Europe that will later become leaders of the sector. In this webinar, we talk with the students that had the vision of EuRoC and realized it in record time, discussing the challenges of organizing such an event and making it a yearly challenge, as well as how they brought together more than 40 rocketry teams to take part in the organization and the actual event.

Pierre Groslambert

Starting the second year of his masters in Robotics at EPFL in Lausanne, Pierre is also fortunate to be the Chief Technical Officer of the EPFL Rocket Team. Their team is looking into launching its 3rd, and first hybrid, rocket at the EuRoC.

Jonas Aannestad

Jonas Aannestad is a 3rd year student of Mechanical Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He is the Advisor to the Board to Propulse NTNU, the rocketry team from his university. Earlier, he was part of the founding team of a start-up, and the Engine System Lead and Technical Director at Propulse NTNU.

Eliisabet Jahilo

Eliisabet is a masters student at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. Since her first bachelor year in University, she has been involved in Delft’s student rocketry society DARE. Her passion is everything to do with propulsion, but this year she is serving as the president of DARE.

Rasmus Arnt Pedersen

Currently on the 2nd last semester of the Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at DTU, Rasmus has led DanSTAR through the development and testing of three different bi-liquid engines as chair of the board, project manager, and mechanical team leader. DanSTAR will be launching its first ever rocket, Dragonfly, at EuRoC this year as the only liquid team.

Marta Gonçalves

Very early on, Marta developed a special interest in how things work and a fascination for Space, which proved to be the ideal combination when entering the Master of Aerospace Engineering. On the other hand, interest in people and collective well-being has always been present and, therefore, it has also been participating in various volunteer activities.

Motivated by the search for a cross between people, technology, space, science and society, she worked as a researcher at IN + / IST, where she studied the impact of technological change in the aerospace sector. Now, at Portugal Space, she is the youngest member of the team and is a project manager in the area of science and education.

Always with a book at hand, if you can’t find her at the Agency, the most likely thing is that Marta is traveling: anywhere in Portugal or the world, between the pages of a book, or between pots and wooden spoons … but definitely doing something new.



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