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The company POLARIS Spaceplanes GmbH is a pioneering enterprise in the field of space travel and has its roots in over 30 years of German and European spaceplane research. As a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), it began the development of a novel spaceplane. The concept combines airplane and rocket launch technologies and offers advantageous economic profitability as well as flexible access to regular, cost-effective, and safe space missions from the entire European mainland. At the core of POLARIS’s activities is the development of the Aurora spaceplane, a system that seamlessly integrates the technologies of aircraft and rocket launchers. This innovation is not just about creating a reusable platform for space and hypersonic transportation; it’s about the next generation of space transportation. Alongside the Aurora spaceplane, POLARIS is also developing commercial hypersonic drones, which serve as versatile tools for aerial reconnaissance and microgravity research applications.





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