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What is the Global Space Congress?

The Global Space Congress is a strategic gathering of global space industry leaders. Promoting the worldwide industry of space, the Congress brings together over 700 key space agencies, commercial space, academia and end users of space services to evaluate the biggest opportunities in the space sector and to get exposure to the world’s most vibrant and energetic new space programmes. Focused on partnerships, the Congress enables these leaders to focus on collaborative development and the implementation of core space and satellite technology strategies, bringing global and regional economic benefits.

The Global Space Congress is where space policies are defined and strategies developed; where new applications for space technology are showcased and the development of highly skilled technical workforces to support national development are promoted. It hosts discussions and initiatives that will have a practical and lasting impact on the overall development of the space sector in the Middle East and globally.

What are the SGAC activities at the Global Space Congress?

Since 2018, SGAC is an official association partner of the Global Space Congress and in particular their Next Gen programme.

1. Speed Mentoring:

In a world where technology changes faster than jobs are created, the need for mentoring is bigger than ever. Mentorship is identified as a key driver of success and is highly sought after by young people. However, youth often find it hard to source a mentor. In 2019 the Global Space Congress and Next Gen Leaders, in partnership with the Space Generation Advisory Council, fill this gap by inviting experts from the space industry who will share their experience and offer advice to young professionals and students.

2. Panel on “The Role of Risk Taking and Effective Leadership”

In 2019 the Global Space Congress and Next Gen Leaders, in partnership with the Space Generation Advisory Council, explore the role of risk taking and how it serves an effective leadership. In the context of space industry, risk aversion is not an option. Find out why risk is an opportunity, how to be smart about risk and how you can lead through risk taking. The experts’ panel session will be followed by structured breakout group discussions offering direct engagement and interaction between the delegates and the panelists.

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