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Presented by Dr. Anna Chrobry, part of the Our Giant Leap Masterclass Series on empowerment.

The Our Giant Leap team, initiative created as part of the Space Generation Advisory Council, is proud to introduce Dr. Anna Chrobry that will present the Impostor Syndrome during a one hour and a half Masterclass.

This Masterclass will enable you to better understand the Impostor Syndrome but also to find ways to gain self-esteem and self-confidence. A Q&A session will allow you to ask all your questions and share your stories, personal experiences and lessons learnt on how to cope with impostor syndrome. Please note this webinar will be registered.

When registering for the event, you have the possibility to donate to the “I am enough” campaign. In a few words, Martyna Wojciechowska, a journalist and fighter for women’s empowerment around the world, created the Unaweza Foundation (Unaweza meaning “You can”) whose aim is to “Help women spread their wings by providing them with equal economic, social and legal opportunities.” Last September, the “I am enough” campaign was created for the purpose of encouraging women to think they are the best version of themselves. This campaign will be mentioned during the webinar as well. You can find out more about the Foundation and the campaign below:

You can already participate in the event before it begins! Use #AskOGL to ask your questions about the webinar and to Anna.

This event will be followed by another webinar in 2021 dedicated to modern leadership.

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About the speaker

Dr. Anna Chrobry is a physicist working in the aerospace sector. She has worked in collaboration with the DLR when doing her PhD, related to understanding the impact of Humans on the atmosphere. She has then joined several European companies, including Airbus and Rolls Royce, in which she had the opportunity to contribute for several aerospace projects such as ORION/MPCV and Ariane 5ME, Ariane 6. She is now working in OHB as a project manager and system engineer in telecommunications.
Anna is dedicated to women’s empowerment and is an advocate for diversity and inclusion. She is a STEM ambassador, volunteering in different organisations and projects, including Women In Aerospace.

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