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This year, SG[Germany] will hold a one-day event in Munich on Saturday, March 14th 2020, dedicated to advancing the role of Germany and German industry in the space economy within the next decade.
The event intends to attract students and young professionals across Germany as participants.
The program will consist of keynote speeches and panels, followed by a round of discussions where participants are split into groups and work together on proposed topics.
Therefore, the audience will have a proactive role in the event!

The event will be preceded by an optional tour of space-related facilities in Oberpfaffenhofen on Friday.

A networking reception will close the event on Saturday evening.

The language will be English since the organisers aim to be inclusive and diverse concerning participants and panel experts.


#SGGermany #SpaceMadeinGermany


A) The role of Germany in the international space sector by 2030


It is a fact that the United States of America, together with Russia led the space sector in the early beginnings. Their role it is still very much prominent, with China recently joining as one of the most powerful and advanced countries in the space community.

Space, however, is changing. The traditional governmental space business is starting to fade out, leaving space for more commercially based space businesses. New Space, with its wide range of topics and applications (from launchers to satellites, mobility to data exploitation, or AI).

Germany, being one of the biggest space contributors in Europe, has accomplished many missions in Space. However, leadership within Europe and towards the International space community could be improved.

The young professionals and students will discuss and propose ideas and recommendations on which areas Germany could lead the way in the space sector by 2030 – due to an existing gap, its scientific and technological advancements, local industries and prepared workforce. We are ready to be leaders within the space sector. Will Germany lead Europe to the Moon? Or to have the best EO reliable data? The first European Quantum Communications? The first AI integrated satellites? Lead the small launchers business in Europe and worldwide? Participants will discuss these topics and more.


B) The next giant technological leap led by Germany in the space sector


Germany, within Europe but also worldwide, is known for its great technology and engineering “made in Germany”.  Germany has led technology and research in the automotive sector and in many other engineering areas in the past. However, the space brand “Made in Germany” is still to be defined and sold to the world.

The workforce, capacity and capability of the German community is a fact, enriched even more with the free movement within Europe and the openness of the country to welcome great minds from all around the world.

Germany needs to detect the next technological lead that will be led by its people and companies.

The young professionals and students will discuss and come up with recommendations and ideas on what the technology that Germany should bet on to be the leader in the near and mid-term future could be.


will be opened on February 1, 2020


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The team of SG[Germany] and SGAC thank our sponsors for their contributions. The event could not have happened without their generous support!










Event Managers

Maren Hülsmann, event manager [email protected]
Daniel Seybold, deputy-event manager [email protected]