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SGAC/AAS NextGent Event 2019

The Space Generation Advisory Council and American Astronautical Society (AAS) presents a one-day next-generation event held in conjunction with the ISS R&D Conference 2019 to bring together perspectives from both leaders and young professionals in the space sector in addressing new ventures, international collaboration, public outreach programs and scientific missions in space. The NextGen event will provide a forum for young professionals to exchange ideas, present their views and share their experiences under the overarching theme Pioneering New Frontiers. It will provide attendees with new and interesting perspectives to take into the ISS R&D Conference and beyond.



Welcome Note and Icebreaker


Breakout Accelerated Discussion Session


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Speed Mentoring


Closing Keynote



Breakout Session Topics

Cooperation Across Space:
With space assets multiplying, and exploration projects becoming increasingly complex, the need for international and cross-industry collaboration have  arguably never been greater. What are some of the key areas that would necessitate or benefit from international collaboration? What learning, policies, or other mechanisms for positive collaboration from the ISS should we bring to future exploration? What are the core policies in place today that are either facilitating or preventing effective collaboration, are they appropriate, and what are your recommendations on how they should change if at all? What cultural challenges must we address to enable future long term habitation and colonization of space?

Next Generation Space Research:
ISS and beyond – what’s the next technology leap that will affect the future of space research? What are the key changes or developments needed to get there? Do any current national or international policies need to be adapted? In addition, as we extend our research to future orbital platforms (lunar and earth orbiting), are there new opportunities and technologies to leverage that the ISS does not offer?

Humans In Space:
As we begin to not only send more people to space, but have them stay for longer periods of time, what are the challenges we still have to face? Companies are beginning to offer astronaut experiences for short term stays in space. What responsibility do those commercial entities have to the well-being of their customers, and what kinds of processes and policies need to be put in space to protect both sides?

Entrepreneurship and Investment:
What are the main qualities of a company that investors look for in a company? Where are the newest companies coming from (universities, government spin offs, former specialized employees, etc)? What have the current trends been in space investment, and how do current VCs discover and develop their portfolios in the space field? What are key areas that are ripe for investment in the space economy? What kinds of orbital applications could become investment opportunities in the long term (assuming human or technologically developed presence in earth or cis-lunar orbit)?

Advancing Towards the Moon:
50 years ago, humanity’s first steps were taken on the moon. This track commemorates the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, and looks to the future of the lunar endeavors. What would a framework of a collaborative, sustainable, and innovative future for Earth’s moon look like? What should our lunar priorities be? With increasingly complex exploration programs on the horizon (Moon, Mars, Europa, DSG, etc), what are some of the upcoming challenges that they will face?

Organizing Team

Alyssa Deardorff ([email protected])