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The SGAC Webinar Series – Nicaragua has the aim to inspire and motivate Nicaragua’s SGAC community in order to get involved more in the space industry by building a career path and also so they can see the many fields that exist in the space industry. We will have experts from different fields in the industry from Geospatial, Space policy, and others including motivational speeches. Come and join us during these webinar series.

Adolfo Chaves Jimenez

Dr. Adolfo Chaves is a lecturer and researcher in the Electronic Engineering School at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology. Dr. Chaves has specialized in Attitude and Determination Control System in the Dutch Institute of Systems and Controls (DISC). Becoming the second astronaut from Costa Rica Dr. Chaves will go onboard the New Shepard rocket from Blue Origin’s company for the suborbital flight in the mission  ESAA-01 EX SOMINUS AD ASTRA, a mission part of the program Latcosmos-C.

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