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Welcome to SG[Bolivia] Online Workshop 2024

Horizons 2024: Uniting Innovations in Space Exploration


Welcome to the “SG Bolivia Online Workshop 2024”! This exciting virtual event aims to bring together professionals, students, and experts from Bolivia’s space sector to collaborate in shaping the future of this industry in the country.

Through interactive talks and online discussions, participants will have the opportunity to identify the key challenges facing our sector and then work together to propose innovative solutions. These recommendations will subsequently be presented to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) as official resolutions and proposals.

Beyond the exchange of ideas, this virtual event will serve as a valuable meeting point to establish new connections and strengthen the ties between the Bolivian space community and the region. Attendees will be able to expand their professional and academic networks, fostering future collaborations and joint projects.

The main objective of “Horizons 2024” is to foster interest and participation in space-related topics in Bolivia. We aim to inspire the next generation of professionals and enthusiasts to actively engage in the development of the country’s space sector, promoting education, knowledge transfer, and debate on how to improve the existing infrastructure and collaboration.

Additionally, this event will highlight and bring visibility to the innovations and technological advances happening within the Bolivian space sector. By sharing these achievements, we hope to further incentivize research and development of new technologies in the country.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of shaping the future of space exploration in Bolivia! Register by July 2, 2024 and join us for this virtual event filled with knowledge, networking, and vision for the sector.


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