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Norwegian students are showing an increasing interest in space activities, and in the last couple of years multiple space-related student organisations have been initiated at universities across the country.
In this webinar we are gathering the student organisations to discuss the projects they are working on, how students and companies can engage with the organisations, opportunities for collaborations, and how they view the future of the Norwegian space sector.


This round table discussion will be held in Norwegian.



Speaker Position/Company
Mari Amanda Eldholm SGAC NPoC Norway & Director of NIFRO
Rannveig Marie Færgestad SGAC NPoC Norway
Jøran Grande

Programme coordinator, NAROM

Nora Iman Hagesæther Communications advisor, Norwegian Space Agency
Kjersti Bragstad Vice President, Space NTNU
Jamila Mendoza Leader, Mars Institute Student Chapter
Ola Sten Bakksaas Leader, Portal Space
Johan August Larsson Raptex
Martin Togstad Raptex

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