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SGAC recently released a report titled “Saving Our Future on Earth Through Our Presence in Space,” which details SGAC’s policy position on the role of space in climate action.

To support this effort, we are hosting a webinar on climate change, environment, and space. Speakers will discuss their work in using space applications in climate monitoring and research and the intersection of space and sustainability. During the webinar, panelists will share their ideas and expertise on environmental issues, and engage with our audience through a Q&A session.






Confirmed Speakers: 

Caroline Juang is a Ph.D. Candidate at Columbia University in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Caroline is interested in using satellite data, big datasets, and statistical modeling to understand natural hazards in the context of modern climate.

Sahba El Shawa is a Jordanian-Canadian interdisciplinary researcher and social entrepreneur originally from Palestine. She is the Founder of the Jordan Space Research Initiative, which aims to bridge sustainable development with space exploration and establish an analog research facility in Jordan.

Cassidy Rankine has worked on forest conservation research and industry adoption of remote sensing and smart forest technologies for sustainable forest management for over a decade. Cassidy brings a deep experience in remote sensing of forests to his role as an account executive and product advisor at Planet. Cassidy is also a remote sensing specialist in measuring vegetation carbon stocks and fluxes for natural capital and sustainable finance accounting. 





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