Alumni Night 2023 Baku

Baku Baku

It's our favorite night of the year and we're looking forward to seeing you in Baku soon to the SGAC Alumni night! This event is dedicated to all SGAC alumni and member, and invited guests of the International Astronautical Congress (IAC). The venue and more details will be shared in the coming months through our channels, stay tuned!  We want to thank PLANET for sponsoring and planning this night with us!

Space Career Pathways: A Filipino Scholar’s Perspective

Online Platform

The space sector is a relatively new industry in the Philippines but has shown plenty of promise. As an emerging space-faring nation, the country focuses on space education and capacity development of young Filipino scientists and scholars.


SGAC x ECSL Model UN 2023

ESA Headquarters 8-10 rue Mario Nikis, 75738 Paris Cedex 15, France, paris

SGAC x ECSL collaboration comes back with the 2nd edition of the Model UN COPUOS! Join us for 3 days of discussions during Model UN Committee on the Uses of Outer Space! Representing one of the United Nations Member States, you will discuss the topics of sustainability of outer space. As such, you shall fit within your assigned Nation’s beliefs and political or economical interests, negotiate with other countries, and try to shape the future of Space Law!

Search For Life In Space


Get the answers to your questions about the search for life in the Universe! Our guest is Dr. Adrienne Kish, the Associate Professor in Astrobiology from Muséum National d'Histoire National (MNHN), France. Her research projects aim to understand what are the limits of life, why such limits exist, and how the conditions found on other planets could affect microbial life as we know it!

SG[Spain] 2023 – Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain | November 18th 2023

Castelldefels School of Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering Carrer d'Esteve Terradas, 7, Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain

Spain’s space sector is experiencing exciting transformations. This year is being marked by the establishment of the Spanish Space Agency, headquartered in Seville, the selection of the first Spanish astronaut since 1992, the readying of the first privately-developed Spanish launch vehicle, and the consolidation of companies covering the full range of space activities, among others. More information about SG[Spain] 2023 at

€20 – €40

9th Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop 2023

Bengaluru, India

The Asia-Pacific NewSpace ecosystem is currently going through significant changes as a result of the space sector’s transition, which is being fuelled by increased investment, predominant private players involvement, and the emergence of NewSpace businesses with cutting-edge plans and revenue streams. Private players are taking center stage in this new ecosystem as they strive on doing space business independently of governments in the long run. Asia’s spacefaring nations have autonomously established their own strategies and ecosystems for space operations that are entrenched in their dominant political, commercial, and economic regional landscapes. Therefore, the time has come to address the space ecosystem from a technological, commercial, and socioeconomic perspective with a goal to facilitate the sustainable development of the NewSpace ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region. This year, the 9th Asia-Pacific regional SGAC event is happening in Bengaluru, the Aerospace hub of India. Bengaluru has a huge number of aerospace PSUs and start-ups that support the NewSpace ecosystem.

SPACEtacular: An interstellar collaboration between PhilSA, BatStateU – AEROESS, and SGAC


The Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA), the Batangas State University (BatStateU) - Aerospace Engineering Students' Society (AEROESS), and the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) have joined forces to hold the very first online webinar dubbed “SPACEtacular”, which will take students, researchers, and other young space enthusiasts on an exciting opportunity to learn about the recent advancements in space technology, research, and innovation. This interstellar collaboration will embark on the overview of the Philippine Satellite Program and will uncover the fundamental concepts on lean satellite missions and utilization, small satellite systems engineering, and the general satellite project management process to be delivered by Filipino engineers who pioneered in the development of the Philippine’s small satellites. Join us as we learn their incredible achievements in promoting and sustaining a robust Philippine space ecosystem that adds and creates value in space for and from Filipinos and for the world.

7th Africa Space Generation Workshop 2023

University of Zimbabwe 630 Churchill Ave, Harare, Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe

The 7th African Space Generation Workshop (AF-SGW) is a two-day workshop, which brings together students, young professionals, industry experts and government stakeholders from across the African continent. It provides an unparalleled opportunity for the future leaders of Africa’s space sector to proactively establish strong relationships, exchange ideas and knowledge, and to collaborate on novel ways in which space technology can be utilized for the benefit of Africa. The 7th AF-SGW will take place on the 29th and 30th November 2023 in Harare, Zimbabwe. The theme for this workshop is ‘A New Era for African Space Market: Unleashing Potential for Prosperity’ and participants will be divided into working groups (WGs), each focusing on a specific sub-theme broadly covering Space Applications, Space Policy and Law, Space Technology, Capacity building and Space Business Opportunities.