Holiday Cheer and Happy New Year from SGAC

More than 100 webinars, our very first online congress, multi-day online gatherings, and competitions worldwide. These are some of the things SGAC achieved during 2020.

Without any doubt, the year has been a challenge, but challenges can be an opportunity to grow as a community. We can be proud of having risen to this challenge at SGAC – this being our biggest achievement of the year.

This would not have been possible without our tireless volunteers, to which we are incredibly grateful. They have shown great leadership, resilience and heart. SGAC members have collaborated together and worked hard to provide opportunities to students and young professionals worldwide, leveraging innovative ways to interact and to collaborate, to grow and to have fun, and to create long-lasting friendships.

The year ends with SGAC being a renewed, thriving and passionate community, for which we can only be positively hopeful. In 2021 we will work hard to get together even more, to include even more, and to ensure that more opportunities – online and in-person – will arise for students and young professionals worldwide.

We wish you a 2021 full of hope and cosmic adventures, together.

Be safe!
Arnau Pons, SGAC Chair
Harriet Brettle, SGAC Co-Chair