Inspiring the Next Generation: Encouraging Children to Reach for the Stars

By: Roxy Williams

A group picture with the children after the talk alongside the Tree of Life International School team and the children's professor.


“The childish dreams of little ones form the future” – Clayton C. Anderson, former NASA astronaut and author of “The Ordinary Spaceman”

In a world where dreams are the seeds of tomorrow, there’s a universe of wonder waiting to be explored, and it’s closer than we think. It’s in the twinkle of a child’s eye as they gaze at the night sky, wondering what lies beyond. It’s in the stories we share, the dreams we nurture, and the belief that every child has the potential to reach for the stars.

In this article, we will go through a journey of real-life examples that illustrate the transformative impact of sharing the wonders of space with young minds, from humble classrooms to virtual connections and beyond. Each encounter serves as a testament to the power of inspiration and the boundless potential of the human spirit. Join us in this article reading about how my efforts with the support of SGAC have sparked curiosity, ignited passion, and paved the way for a new generation of space explorers.

The pandemic didn’t stop us from bringing the cosmos and sparking curiosity in the children as well as sharing space gifts.


In a vulnerable neighbourhood in Costa Rica, collaboration was established with Tree of Life International School to introduce children to the marvels of space. This initiative was facilitated by the former SGAC National Point of Contact of Nicaragua, Roxy Williams, aiming to inspire and educate young minds about the vast possibilities within the field of space exploration. Amidst humble surroundings, the cosmos was brought to life, igniting a spark of curiosity that transcended socioeconomic barriers. Through hands-on activities and heartfelt conversations, children were encouraged to dream big and envision themselves as future pioneers of space exploration. The exchange of postcards, space backpacks, space theme stickers, space water bottles, and space company stickers (donated by a former NASA Research Fellow of the Earth Science Division – SERVIR) became symbols of hope. These items connected the children with the broader universe and inspired them to believe that their aspirations could soar beyond the confines of their community. Each child shared their passions, what they wanted an astronaut to read, or a heartfelt drawing. By the end of the activity, each child not only learned about space and important role models in the space sector from Costa Rica and the region but also left with a spark of dreaming about space.

Moving across borders to Nicaragua, collaboration was initiated with a local school to explore the intersection of robotics and space. During the activity students were engaged in building and programming robots, discovering the boundless potential of their skills in the context of space exploration. Firsthand accounts of space projects and the evolving landscape of space technology were shared, painting a vivid picture of the opportunities awaiting them beyond the classroom walls. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, this initiative empowered young minds to see themselves as architects of the future, shaping the trajectory of space exploration with their ingenuity and passion.

It’s essential to recognize that dreaming of becoming an astronaut or working in the space sector is not merely a childish fantasy—it’s a legitimate aspiration with the potential to become a reality. As Clayton C. Anderson, former NASA astronaut and author of “The Ordinary Spaceman”, aptly stated, “The childish dreams of little ones form the future. “Encouraging children to dream big and “reach for the stars” is not only vital but also empowering. It’s about instilling the belief that no dream is too big, and no goal is out of reach.

The pandemic didn’t stop us from bringing the cosmos and sparking curiosity in the children as well as sharing space gifts.


Continuing her term, the former NPoC of Nicaragua (2019-2023) went to the Colegio Técnico Profesional Alajuelita Engineering Expo, a testament was made to the transformative power of space education, engaging with students and educators alike to showcase the practical applications of STEM in the context of space exploration. By highlighting the achievements of regional role models and demonstrating how space technology can be leveraged for the benefit of our planet, a new generation of innovators was inspired to harness their talents in service of a greater cause. The engineering expo concluded with an incredible drone show, leaving a lasting impression on all participants.

Meanwhile, in virtual settings, the current SGAC NCAC Regional Coordinator (RC), Roxy Williams, established collaboration with organizations like Manos que Transforman Vidas and Menarca La Monarca to inspire young girls to defy stereotypes and pursue their dreams in the space sector. Through shared stories of perseverance and triumph, preconceived notions of who belongs in the realm of space exploration were shattered, demonstrating to these girls that the sky is not the limit—it’s just the beginning. Witnessing the journey from their own communities to the stars, these girls found a beacon of possibility, lighting their path to a future where their aspirations know no bounds.

In a notable hybrid event, we worked with our partner NICAWoman Tech from Nicaragua, within the framework of International Girls in ICT Day. NICAWoman Tech extended invitations to women in ICT to attend the event in person while also inviting two guests virtually. This initiative aimed not only to inspire girls to pursue careers in STEM but also to address the societal barriers that often discourage them from doing so, dispelling the misconception that girls are not proficient in math or science.

Some pictures of the event organized by our partner, NICAWoman Tech alongside Aldeas Infantiles SOS and Claro Nicaragua.


In each of these examples, the profound impact of sharing the wonders of space with children and young students is evident. Through meaningful interactions, hands-on experiences, and a belief in the limitless potential of the human spirit, a generation of dreamers and doers has been cultivated, ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow. As the future unfolds, it’s essential to remember that the journey to the stars begins with a single spark of inspiration. With champions leading the way, the possibilities are truly infinite. If you are interested in joining forces to continue impacting the lives of many children, please do not hesitate to make contact, [email protected].