In January 2022, the Human Rights Sub-team of the Space Law and Policy Project Group published a blog with Jus Ad Astra – Earth Observation Data, Climate Change, and Human Rights. (link)

Authors: Giuliana Rotola, Leah Farrar, Maya Nasr, Lindsey Wiser, Rutwik Navalgund, Ludovica Ciarravano, and Kyran Grattan

Blog excerpt: 

“Where climate change represents one of the biggest threats to human security, the international community must rise to meet this challenge before time runs out. As climate change magnifies the relationship between the environment and protection of human rights, untold harm has been wrought upon human health and dignity within recent years by the most significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions since the industrial revolution. This has endangered the future sustainability of the planet through the unsavory degradation of both the environment and human life. Consequently, over the second half of the twentieth century, the advent of space and satellite technology has revolutionized humanity’s ability to monitor the health of the planet, from upper atmospheric layers to surface measurements.”

The full blog can be found here.