The European flagship event, the European Space Generation Workshop or E-SGW for short, is coming to Germany in 2024. Set to take place in the first half of the year (around May/June), E-SGW 2024 aims at bringing together students and young professionals from across the region to broaden horizons, facilitate potential collaborations beyond borders and create a hub for networking, knowledge sharing and cooperation.Germany boasts a robust and interconnected space industry, providing a fertile ground for collaboration and knowledge exchange. Established industry players, along with innovative startups, contribute to a strong ecosystem that fosters technological advancements and entrepreneurship. Munich as the hosting city has a an established space community and a budding NewSpace scene. It also offers the advantage of close proximity to major space companies and research institutions.

Each bid for hosting a city was evaluated by a regional selection committee and SGAC Executive Council members based on several criteria including event management team experience, logistic abilities, budget and funding, ease of travel access, and more.
We congratulate the team behind the bid to host this prestigious event while thanking the contributors of other bids as well. It was a very competitive call this year which only shows the strength of the European space industry across many countries!

Carrying on the torch from this year’s massively successful E-SGW in Bari, Ayla Wolf and Smit Patel will take over the role of the Event Management Team. While the call for organizing team is still open (apply here), meet the two below:


Event Manager – Ayla Maria Wolf

Since her bachelor’s degree in service sector management focusing on media and communication management (2014), Ayla worked as a communicator and mediator in publishing and in the event business. She has always had a love for space, but to her, it has been something of dreams and science fiction. Having returned to university in 2015 to get first her bachelor’s (2018) and then her master’s degree (2020) in philosophy and cultural anthropology, she learned about the study of space and society.

She has been hooked ever since and loves continuing her studies in her free time and spreading the word of it into the world – to help others on their way from seeing space as fiction to seeing it as a reality that shapes our lives and societies.
She currently works as a Content Manager in the Engineering industry, while serving as the Regional Communication Manager for Europe at SGAC. Formerly, she was also part of the organizing team for the Space Generation Congress 2021 in Dubai where she acted as the team lead for PR & Comms.



Deputy Event Manager – Smit Patel

Originally from India, Smit is currently pursuing his Master’s in Aerospace Engineering at Technical University Braunschweig in Germany. He is doing his master’s thesis at a space biotech company Yuri. 


He is an International Space University alumnus and successfully completed the Space Studies Program 2021. He completed his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at Indus University, Ahmedabad, India. He is also the Head of the Research department at Deep Space Initiative. He was part of the PR & Comms team in the organization of Space Generation Congress 2022 in Paris. 

He is a member of the European Association of Aerospace Students EUROAVIA and served as the president of the local society in Braunschweig for two years. Smit is a polyglot, a science communicator and passionate about space technology. Smit is striving to build a sustainable future beyond the Earth.