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Exciting opportunity to lead SGAC as Executive Director

Join the SGAC Leadership as our next Executive Director! This full-time, high-level, in-person role provides a unique opportunity to work closely with the Acting Executive Director and gain invaluable experience as you transition into a potential future role as the Executive Director.

About SGAC

SGAC is an international non-governmental, non-profit (US 501(c)3) organisation with more than 25,000 members worldwide, which represents university students and young space professionals to the United Nations, space agencies, industry, and academia. The organisation was born out of the UNISPACE III recommendations in 1999 and has strong relationships with the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs and the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.


The SGAC Executive Director is a full-time, time-intensive and highly-rewarding role. The Executive Director leads the planning and execution of the strategy behind SGAC, driving workforce development by inspiring students and young professionals, and offering them a platform to discuss key issues of the space industry, interact with space leaders, and share their views about the future of the space sector.

The role of the SGAC Executive Director is to support building and managing all of SGAC’s global partnerships with entities in fields including space education, space science, business, and student engagement, that can help SGAC achieve its mission and objectives.

Upon selection, the candidate will assume the temporary role of Deputy Executive Director for a trial period of 3 months, working closely with our current Acting Executive Director. Subject to the successful completion of this trial period and a satisfactory performance review, the person will transition into the role of the Executive Director with the responsibilities, benefits and duties listed below. 

Duties and Responsibilities

The SGAC Executive Director is responsible for a broad range of activities in the organisation that are crucial to its day-to-day operation. This person will:

  • Support the Co-Chairs on strategic issues and management of the organisation, including preparing and executing SGAC’s Strategic Plan
  • Lead and coordinate the day-to-day activities of the SGAC office and staff. This includes providing strategic decision-making and direction for the organisation together with the SGAC Co-Chairs, from developing and executing SGAC’s short and medium-term strategic plan to day-to-day decision-making throughout the whole organisation.
  • Be the main point of liaison between the SGAC office and SGAC’s global event managers, including managing matters related to sponsorship, coordination, and strategic thinking
  • Lead the official representation of the SGAC at events and meetings, in external communication to our partners, sponsors, stakeholders, and the general public, and internally to our staff, teams, boards, volunteers, and members, including in all the activities related to UNOOSA and COPUOS and build on our relationship with the Director General and the Secretariat 
  • Lead and manage the teams directly reporting and accountable to the Executive Director, including, but not limited to, the Regional Partnership Managers, the Regional and Local Events Team, and the SGAC Global Events Managers. This includes:
  • Leading the SGx Managers in the coordination of SGx and ensure proper representation of SGAC at SATELLITE held yearly in Washington, DC
  • Lead the Space Generation Fusion Forum (SGFF) Managers in the coordination of SGFF and ensure proper representation of SGAC at the Space Symposium held yearly in Colorado Springs
  • Lead the Space Generation Congress (SGC) Managers in the coordination of SGC and ensure proper representation of SGAC at the International Astronautical Congress
  • Expand the reputation, role, and involvement of SGAC in the global space sector
  • Seek and maintain collaborations with industry organisations, space agencies, government, and academia to secure resources and support for SGAC to achieve its mission and objectives. This includes acting as the final decision-maker for business decisions within SGAC, including but not limited to reviewing and finalise the closure of key SGAC collaborations and partnership opportunities.
  • Inform and consult the SGAC Advisory Board, Honorary Board, and the U.S. Board of Directors on strategic and governance matters, including preparing documentation for their meetings
  • Ensure and coordinate with the Treasurer to prepare the SGAC Annual Budget, and meet all necessary financial reporting and compliance requirements in accordance with all relevant jurisdictions
  • Attend the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) Spring Meetings and Bureau Meetings and ensure proper representation of SGAC
  • Assist with the preparation of the annual General Assembly and attend the General Assembly
  • Keep abreast of relevant trends and best practices in young professionals and student engagement

This position reports to the SGAC Co-Chairs and works under the supervision of the SGAC Acting Executive Director. Specific deliverables and milestones for the role will be determined in the contract for this position.


  • An annual net salary of up to 30,000 EUR depending on experience at the Deputy Executive Director Level. The salary may be increased should the selected candidate be promoted to the role of Executive Director
  • Two annual performance-based bonuses equivalent to a month’s salary each
  • A travel budget of up to 10,000 EUR for travel expenses and per diem according to our Staff Travel Policy to represent SGAC at conferences and events across the world, including but not limited to the International Astronautical Congress, the Space Symposium, SATELLITE, International Astronautical Federation Spring Meetings
  • SGAC is a registered employer in Austria. All SGAC employees are hired under standard Austrian contracts that allow for access to Austrian services related to social security and healthcare.
  • For candidates not already based in Austria, a small relocation budget may be made available
  • Attendance to UN Events such as UN COPUOS meetings and other Vienna events as a leader of the SGAC Delegation
  • Opportunities to network closely with current, high-level international space sector leaders
  • Special opportunities to contribute to SGAC’s briefings to the United Nations and other industry, agency, and academic organisations in the international space sector
  • Meeting and working with young space sector leaders from around the world
  • Unparalleled leadership opportunity and platform to lead teams from around the globe, building leadership and management skills that are directly translatable to your career
  • Contribute to the growth and sustainability of the organisation, in particular to SGAC’s brand and image on the international stage

Necessary Qualifications

  • SGAC membership: registration on the SGAC website and between 18 and 33 years old at the time of the recruitment
  • Citizenship of a UN member or observer state located in the region (as listed in the SGAC bylaws)

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in business development, space science, international relations, or a related field
  • At least 3-5 years of prior experience in business development, fundraising, youth development, international relations, and/or in a space-related field
  • Experience and familiarity with SGAC are preferred
  • Experience and familiarity with the space sector and its stakeholders are a plus

Skills and Qualities:

  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken. Additional language skills are a plus
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with individuals at all levels within an organisation, including high-level representatives from industry, government, academia, and agencies
  • Strong communication skills with experience in public speaking and in communicating with audiences with a diversity of backgrounds and experience
  • Cross Cultural and Communication Awareness: Ability to establish and maintain professional working relationships with people from various international and cultural backgrounds
  • Ability to be responsive to communication, with fast response times in email and other forms of communication
  • Proven success in meeting deadlines, with the ability to work independently and lead teams under pressure during fast-turnaround needs. Project Management experience is a plus
  • Ability to lead and manage large teams, with experience in leading volunteering teams is a plus
  • Ability to manage conflicts and challenging situations
  • Strong working knowledge and experience with computer and cloud applications, such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, WordPress, Slack, Ninja Forms, Zapier, Mailchimp, Zoom, and G-Suite, are required
  • Ability to flourish with minimal guidance, be proactive, and handle uncertainty

Other Requirements:

  • Must be able to be based in Vienna, Austria, and be able to travel internationally for about 30% of the time. SGAC will be able to sponsor the work permit of a qualified applicant. 

Time Commitment

This is a full-time paid position requiring some availability on evenings and weekends. As the organisation is volunteer-run and our volunteers are based across time zones all over the world, sometimes it will be required to adjust the working hours to meet organisational needs, and also to contribute more than a typical “9-to-5” office environment and 40-hour work week to meet deadlines. Passion for what SGAC does is key to the organisation’s success! 

Selection Process

A search committee comprised of the following members will be involved in the selection and interviewing of candidates:

  • The SGAC Co-Chairs
  • The SGAC Acting Director
  • Two SGAC Advisory Board Member
  • One SGAC Regional Coordinator
  • Two SGAC Executive Committee Members 

The recommendation of the search committee will be taken into account by the SGAC Co-Chairs to determine the selection of the Executive Director.

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please send your application to Hamza Hameed, SGAC Chair, and Antonino Salmeri, SGAC Co-Chair, at [email protected] with the following documents as attachments:

  • Your CV (maximum 2 pages) (Indicate Nationality and Date of Birth)
  • A Letter of Intent (maximum 1 page)
  • List of three past experiences and how they have prepared you for this role (maximum 1 page)
  • Contact information of 3 references
  • Recommendation letters are a plus

Only complete applications which are submitted in a timely manner will be considered. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Interested candidates are requested to submit their applications as soon as possible.


In case you have any questions pertaining to the position or application process, do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

[SGC-IAC 2024] International Space Solar Power Student Competition 20242024-04-10T17:45:17+02:00

The 2024 International Space Solar Power Student Competition is a global, undergraduate and graduate level annual event presented by SPACE Canada, in partnership with the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) Power Committee, National Space Society (NSS), and the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), is in its eighth year. This year the competition will encompass multiple disciplines related to Space Solar Power technologies, including but not limited to:

Acceptable disciplines/fields for research projects include:

  • architecture level system design activities, cost-benefit studies, environmental footprint studies, etc.;
  • end-to-end energy concepts & technology (including wireless power transmission (WPT), solar power generation and distribution, etc.);
  • structural systems, in-orbit assembly, controls and dynamics technology, and modeling of these considerations;
  • flight and/or space transportation technology and engineering for the SPS (including Earth-to-orbit or in-space transportation and/or propulsion);
  • ground systems and integration

In addition, acceptable cross-cutting topics of general interest include:

  • the potential value of SPS in reaching goals to mitigate climate change issues; and,
  • near-term demonstration of relevant SPS concepts and technology;
  • mid-term demonstrations of relevant SPS concepts and technology (for example in low Earth orbit);
  • space resources utilization for SPS;
  • space policy, legal and regulatory considerations across all of the above (including
  • international cooperation, spectrum management, space debris, etc.); and,
  • financing concepts for SPS systems and development.



The competition is staged in three rounds:

Stage 1: Initial proposals and selection of project teams to participate in the competition. The first deadline for participation in the 2024 competition is development and submission of an abstract for a proposed student research project by not later than April 16th, 2024. Accepted projects will be announced by early May 2024.

Stage 2: Presentations of initial project results by the chosen semi-finalists at the International NSS Space Development Conference (ISDC). For those able to travel, semi-finalists projects shall be presented in person, to be held this year during May 23-26, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. Each semi-finalist project team will be required to satisfy the normal requirements for the Competition, and to submit a slide deck on the project for evaluation – as well as making a presentation via online presentations.

Stage 3: Presentation of the finalists’ project results at the International Astronautical Congress, followed by selection of a winner for the year. The 2024 International Astronautical Congress (IAC) is planned for Milan, Italy on October 14-18, 2024 on site. These finalists will also be invited to participate at the Space Generation Congress (SGC) 2024 to join in workshops, conferences, and presentations. Each finalist project team will be required to satisfy the normal requirements for the Competition, to submit a slide deck on the project for evaluation, make an online/onsite presentation and deliver a technical paper in the formatting and style of an IAC paper.



  1. Up to six teams will be considered for selection as semi-finalists, held at the ISDC following which the Judges will select the finalists in this year’s competition.
  2. Support for travel to the ISDC in Los Angeles, California, USA will be provided for semi-finalist teams totaling up to USD $1,500 per team in expense reimbursement, with the actual amount to be determined based on the location at which the student team is based.
  3. Up to three teams will be considered for selection as finalists in the 2024 Competition.
  4. Where applicable, two representatives from each finalist team will be compensated for their attendance at the SGC and the IAC. This includes reimbursement for registration, travel and accommodation (up to a value of $3000 USD per team).
  5. Submitted papers and presentation slide decks from all three teams will be posted on the SPACE Canada website to become part of the literature of Space Solar Power for 2024.


The competition is fully managed by SPACE Canada. If you would like to receive more information about the updated 2024 International SSP student competition, please contact the organisers at: [email protected]

For full details and rules guiding the Competition, see the 2024 announcement.

The deadline for submission of 2024 project team proposals is April 16, 2024.

Please confirm that you wish to participate under the revised terms of the competition for


SGAC announces the winners of the 2024 ESLA2024-04-09T07:45:23+02:00

Embracing diversity is the cornerstone of SGAC’s principles. The goal of the European Space Leaders Award is to provide an opportunity for interaction between members of the space sector with diverse geographic and professional backgrounds. SGAC is pleased to announce Francesco Ventre, Nicolas Moraitis, Milica Milosev and Kiira Tiensuu as the winners of the 2024 European Space Leader Award. The winners will be sponsored to attend the 8th European Space Generation Workshop to be held in Munich, Germany.

Congratulations Francesco, Nicolas, Milica and Kiira!


Francesco Ventre

Francesco Ventre is a Business Developer at ispace Europe. He holds a BSc in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Naples “Federico II” and an MSc in Space Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. He is an ISU Space Studies Program alumnus from the class of 2021. Passionate about aerospace entrepreneurship and economy, he is the co-founder (and former CEO) of Walle srl the first Italian airline for “taxi-drones”. Before joining ispace, he was the innovation manager of the most prominent cluster of manufacturing companies in northeast Italy. He is an active member of SGAC, Women In Aerospace, and the IAF Space Entrepreneurship Committee. Within SGAC, he took part in several events, covering different roles (1st ISSC, 5th ISSC, 7th ESGW, SGFF 2024, SGC 2023 & 2024), moreover, he is the vice lead of the Commercial Space Project Group. He is on the Advisory Board of Polispace, the first space association of Politecnico di Milano that he co-founded in 2020. At the end of 2021 he also contributed to the creation of SEDS Italy, the federation of Italian universities space associations; he is now part of the Advisory Board. He is author and co-author of several conference proceedings. His hobbies include watching anime, reading, and listening to music.

“I am deeply honored to receive the Space Generation Leadership Award. My commitment to the SGAC activities has led me to where I am today and has allowed me to expand my network and learn from amazing individuals worldwide. It has been a privilege and… I won’t stop now: it’s always time to dare mighty things!”



Nicolas Moraitis

Nicolas is a Greek space lawyer, currently based in London. He is the Satellite Regulatory Affairs Officer at Charter, a UK and US-based start-up. He specialises in satellite licensing regulations, while also conducting research on space sustainability. He holds an Advanced LLM on Air and Space Law from Leiden University and is also a member of the International Institute of Space Law. Before joining the commercial space industry, he spent some time at the Dutch Ministry of Defence, in the Space Security Center team, as a Space Law Intern. Within SGAC, he has been part of the Space Law and Policy Project Group and also a Co-Lead of the Sustainability Group of the SGAPP, facilitating the authoring of SGAC’s Space Sustainability Policy Position. Currently, he is the SGAC National Point of Contact for Greece. During his free time, he enjoys taking photos and playing tennis.

“I am really honoured to be recognised as a European Space Leader. This appointment serves as a recognition of my contributions to the European space sector and encourages me to contribute even more in the future!”



Kiira Tiensuu

Kiira Tiensuu works as product manager at a Finnish space technology company Aboa Space Research Oy (ASRO), leading the development of innovative space instruments like the Mini Fluorescence Microscope for biological research in space. She holds two master’s degrees, one in Space Physics from the University of Turku, Finland, and the second in Space Technology, obtained through the SpaceMaster programme at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. During her studies, she was the founding president of Giron Space Organisation and worked as a project manager in the academic rocket project RAVEN, initiatives that nurtured collaboration among students passionate about space. As Finland’s National Point of Contact at SGAC, she has played a key role in connecting the young space community in Finland and fostering connections within the broader European space network.

“I’m incredibly honored to receive the European Space Leader Award and excited for the chance to contribute to SGAC and the broader space community. This award inspires me to further advance our shared mission of fostering collaboration in the space sector. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who’s been part of this journey.”



Milica Milosev

Milica Milosev is an environmentalist and climate activist with a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Environmental protection and a Master’s degree in Professor of Biology. Milica is the Founder of the Econnects Association, an international organization based in Serbia, committed to driving positive change on a global scale, with the main mission of bridging the gap between the environment, space, and society. She became interested in the space sector after winning the “Space4Youth” competition organized by UNOOSA and supported by SGAC, with the idea of using space-based technologies for addressing the climate crisis. She represents SGAC as National Point of Contact for Serbia. Milica contributed to writing “Recommendations from the Young Generations on the Role of Space for Climate Action”, a report that details the official policy position of SGAC on the role of space in climate action. She is an active member of the IAF Space Education and Outreach Committee as well as various other groups, committees, and networks dealing with her main areas of interest: education & outreach, inclusion and environment. Currently, Milica works at MDPI, a publisher of open-access scientific journals, as Group Leader and Section Managing Editor for the journal “Sustainability”.

“I’m beyond honored to receive the European Space Leader Award and to attend the 8th European Space Generation Workshop. I’m even more excited to know that this award will help me with outreach and building community, especially for the next generation in my home country (Serbia) and my region (Balkan). I’m grateful for the opportunity provided by SGAC to be able to create and experience more space activities with this community.”

SGAC announces the winners of the 2024 AP-SLA2024-04-08T13:19:57+02:00

Embracing diversity is the cornerstone of SGAC’s principles. The goal of the Asia Pacific Space Leaders Award is to provide an opportunity for interaction between members of the space sector with diverse geographic and professional backgrounds. SGAC is pleased to announce Brelveenraj Kaur Rajwant Singh, Khushi Shah, Aaruni Sharma and Aileen Shu Yeen Wee as the winners of the 2024 Asia Pacific Space Leader Award. The winners will be sponsored to attend the 10th Asia Pacific Space Generation Workshop to be held on 22nd to 24th of April 2024, in Malé, Maldives.

Congratulations Brelveenraj Kaur, Khushi, Aileen Shu Yeen and Aaruni!

Brelveenraj Kaur Rajwant Singh

Brelveen is currently a Senior Engineer attached to the Satellite Engineering department at MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn Bhd (“MEASAT”). She has 5 years of experience in spacecraft control, engineering, satellite communications, and space system operation and maintenance. She holds a Bachelor Degree of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Communications) from National Defense University of Malaysia and pursued her MSc in Aerospace Engineering with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Having a passion for space and satellites, she has presented her research in an international platform at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) and International Conference on Space Science and Communication (IconSpace). Her first paper on Ground Based Augmentation Systems was published in the Springer – Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Space Science and Communication.
She also served as the National Point of Contact (NPoC) for Malaysia with Space Generation Advisory Council. She demonstrated exceptional responsibility through talks in industries and universities. Additionally, she successfully led the SGAC Malaysia team of four members to collaborate and gain recognition from the Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA) in the inaugural Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace event (LIMA) in 2023. Furthermore, she is an active advocate for SGAC members, resulting in their acknowledgment and inclusion as stakeholders in governmental policy-making and meetings. Her exemplary leadership qualities are evident in fostering connections with diverse space networking groups and initiatives, such as representing Women in Space on various platforms in local Malaysian media during World Space Week and the Apollo Moon Landing anniversary. Moreover, in 2021, she co-led the Space in South East Asia (SpiSEA), the first and longest-running webinar within the Southeast Asian region, which connected students to industry leaders to secure spots for internships and future job prospects.
With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Brelveen aims to continue reaching for the stars in her pursuit of advancements in space exploration and technology.


“I am deeply honored and profoundly grateful to receive the Asia Pacific Space Leaders award from SGAC. This recognition is not just a personal achievement but a testament to the collective effort and dedication of all those who have supported me along this incredible journey. It inspires me to continue striving for excellence in the field of space exploration and to contribute positively to the advancement of our shared goals in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to SGAC for this esteemed recognition.”



Khushi Shah

Khushi Shah is a Mechanical Engineer, Designer, and Artist from India. They design technologies and experiences that are accessible and beneficial to diverse populations globally. They are the Co-founder of Beyond Earthbound, an interdisciplinary collective dedicated to building connections between space, arts, and humanities in the global space community. They are also the Creative Director for Space Pride, an international charity registered in France representing LGBTQ+ individuals within the space sector. They are the youngest recipient of the AIAA ASCEND Diverse Dozen, a recognition for individuals working towards space safety, security, and sustainability. Khushi’s approach encompasses their multifaceted experiences as a steel plant engineer, creative director, researcher, visual artist, and non-profit founder to make meaningful contributions to the industry. As the Communications Manager for the Asia Pacific Region, Khushi has spearheaded community engagement through new media and communication initiatives. They have created an extended social media presence across various countries in the Asia Pacific region. Their involvement with SGAC extends to several projects like leading a Gender Equality & Diversity Roadmap Committee, co-designing the Our Giant Leap Podcast, and organizing hackathons utilizing space tech for remote communities.


“I am deeply grateful for being recognized as an Asia Pacific Space Leader. In the quest for space exploration, incorporating design, aesthetics, and space science is crucial, shaping both technology and cultural outlook toward a sustainable future. I would like to use this opportunity to motivate others to pursue interdisciplinary thinking.”



Aileen Shu Yeen Wee

Aileen Wee was born and raised in Malaysia, and has been passionate in all things space ever since. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology at UCSI University Malaysia and worked as a Biotechnology and Dengue researcher at Sunway University. Since 2020, Aileen is actively involved with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) and is currently serving her term as the National Point of Contact (NPoC) of Malaysia. With SGAC, she participated and organized several events including the Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop, hosted talks in local universities, and represented SGAC in local space events such as the Langkawi International Aerospace and Maritime Exhibition and Langkawi International Space Forum. Aileen was also involved in Astrobiology, where she was a Visiting Scholar and Research Associate at the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science. With BMSIS, she helped develop the online repository, Knowledge Base, of potential biosignatures in a collaboration internship with the Center for Life Detection Science of NASA Ames. She is also a member of several space organizations, notably the Network for Life Detection Science (NfoLD) and an Analysis Working Group Member for NASA’s GeneLab. Currently, Aileen seeks to specialize her future career in Space Life Sciences and Space Biotechnology, with hopes to expand the field especially in the Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asian region.

“I am extremely honored to receive the Asia-Pacific Space Leaders Award. Coming from a completely non-traditional space background and emerging space country, SGAC has been one of the major stepping stones for my involvement in the space sector. This is a testament to SGAC’s inclusivity and commitment to empower and provide young space enthusiasts a voice without discrimination. I am eternally grateful to be able to connect with talented SGAC members across diverse backgrounds and identities. I look forward to continuing my role as an NPoC Malaysia and SGAC member – contributing to SGAC, as well as the regional and global space ecosystem in the coming years.”

Aaruni Sharma

Aaruni is a Mechanical Engineer from India currently working with ZS as an analyst. During his studies, Aaruni was actively involved with SEDS and was part of a student team building Mars Rover Prototypes. He also served as the Outreach Manager on the SEDS India Executive Board. Aaruni is passionate about space exploration and robotics and believes in the power of outreach activities aimed at school and college students igniting their passion for space sciences. Before his current role, Aaruni was briefly involved with a startup a startup focused on developing modular and autonomous lunar rovers. Within SGAC, he works with the SGAC Mentoring Program and the Scholarships Team and is currently serving as the Deputy Event Manager for the 10th Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop. Apart from space, Aaruni enjoys quizzing, badminton and fiction.

“I am extremely grateful and honoured to be a recipient of the Asia Pacific Space Leader Award and for the incredible opportunity to attend the Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop. It is a great privilege to serve this organization, and I aspire to continue contributing my efforts towards making space accessible to everyone.

Results of the SGAC Co-Chair Election 20242024-04-01T19:43:52+02:00

The SGAC election of a new Co-Chairperson in 2024 has been completed and we are pleased to welcome Joshua Critchley-Marrows (Australia) as the new Co-Chair of SGAC.

Election Report

After an extensive period of discussion and interaction between the candidates and the Executive Committee, all eligible Regional Coordinators cast their votes.  One Regional Coordinator was deemed ineligible to vote due to a conflict of interest as per our Statutes and Bylaws.

Out of all 11 votes, candidates received:

  • Abraham Akinwale (Nigeria) – 0%
  • Ahmed Abdi (Somalia) – 0%
  • Ahmed Baraka (Egypt) – 0%
  • Joshua Critchley-Marrows (Australia) – 54.5%
  • Marcos Eduardo Rojas Ramirez (Mexico) – 9.1%
  • Matej Poliacek (Slovakia) – 0%
  • Rania Toukebri (Tunisia) – 36.4%


We are happy to announce that Joshua Critchley-Marrows will be the new Co-Chair of the Space Generation Advisory Council! He will be working alongside the Chair, Dr Antonino Salmeri (Italy).

About Joshua Critchley-Marrows

Joshua Critchley-Marrows is an aerospace engineer with expertise in space-based Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) systems and resilience. He completed his PhD at the University of Sydney, in collaboration with Texas A&M University and the University of Tokyo, on celestial-derived alternative PNT infrastructure for terrestrial and space-based applications.

Joshua is a former Senior Navigation Engineer at GMV in the UK, where he served as project and technical lead of activities across UK, Europe and Australia, including smartphone high accuracy services and satellite mission development for PNT applications in LEO and Lunar space. He has also contributed to resilient PNT policy-making research in both Japan and Australia through FrontierSI. He now works at ArkEdge Space in Tokyo, Japan.

When informed of the results, Joshua had this to say:

“I am beyond expression in receiving the results of this year’s SGAC election, where I was a candidate alongside some of the very best and brightest of our wonderful community and industry. When I first joined SGAC in 2018, I had no comprehension that I would be standing where I do today. I have very big shoes to fill, with a great precedent set by the joint leadership of outgoing Chair Hamza Hameed and new Chair Antonino Salmeri, two outstanding individuals. My vision for SGAC is to broaden our reach, where I will be based in the Asia-Pacific and Japan, and to provide new opportunity for our very large membership of nearing 30,000. I look forward to working alongside an inspirational team to delivering new heights for the organisation.”

Hamza Hameed, Former Chair and Election Officer mentioned: 

“I extend my heartiest congratulations to Joshua on his election as SGAC Co-Chair!  Joshua has been an important pillar of SGAC for more than six years, most recently serving as the Co-Lead for SGAC’s Project Groups. He has continuously demonstrated excellent leadership skills and has repeatedly proven himself to be a compassionate and kind person. These traits are essential for the role of Co-Chair of SGAC.. I am confident that SGAC is in great hands and that Joshua will help lead our beloved organisation to new heights!”

Antonino Salmeri, the current Chair, had this to say:

“I am truly delighted to welcome Joshua as the new Co-Chair of SGAC. Year after year I’ve been witnessing his growth within our organisation and I am excited to be working with him for the next year. I could have not asked for a better companion as I take over the responsibility of Chair from my dear friend Hamza, to whom goes all my gratitude for his excellent service to SGAC over the past two years.”

Nikol Koleva, current Executive Director, added:

“I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to Joshua on his election as SGAC Co-Chair! It has been a pleasure working with Joshua thus far, and I eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration. I am confident that SGAC will reach new milestones and achievements with his guidance and experience.”

Best Mentor – Spring 2023: Elisabetta Lamboglia2024-03-30T22:22:50+01:00

Space Generation Advisory Council’s Mentoring Program connects mentees and mentors in the space sector to foster and support the development of a robust space sector for the long-term. The Mentoring Program runs two sessions yearly, one in Spring and another in Fall. Overall, the program has mentored over 700 young professionals and university students.

To recognize the efforts of our mentors the organization has since late 2022 launched a “Best Mentor Award” for each session to acknowledge outstanding mentors who have put their best foot forward to develop the next space generation. Mentors are nominated by their mentees, before being screened through a blind review process detailed here by a jury that comprises the SGAC Executive Director, Mentoring Co-Lead and members of the Mentoring Committee.

The Spring 2023 session award goes to Elisabetta Lamboglia. Huge congrats! Please read the testimonials below to learn more about her contributions. 

The Spring 2024 session will be opening soon for Mentee applications in early 2024, and Mentors can already apply at: spacegeneration.org/mentoring . For any questions, please feel free to write to [email protected] .

Best Mentor Award (Spring 2023) Winner: Elisabetta Lamboglia

Her reaction:

“I am humbled to receive the Best Mentor Award, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for this recognition. Being acknowledged in this capacity is not just a personal achievement but a celebration of the enriching volunteering exchange and shared growth with my mentee. The SGAC mentorship program is a powerful and well-structured tool, it has been profoundly rewarding for me. This journey and this recognition serve as a reminder of the importance of mentorship in fostering personal and professional growth.”



Elisabetta Lamboglia is a senior professional with expertise in space systems, programmatic, strategy. At the age of 23 she has gained her first engineering working experience, at 26 she participated to the UNISAT-4 launch campaign at Baikonur, and shortly thereafter, she first joined the European Space Technological Center of the European Space Agency. With a Master of Science in Astronautic Engineering, earned with the highest honours, Elisabetta embarked on a journey at the International Space University at the NASA Ames Research Centre in 2009, where she made significant contributions to the DREAM project for The World Bank Group. After a brief working experience in the Off-Shore Industry, her unwavering enthusiasm for exploring our Planet Earth led her to take on the role of external officer for the PRISMA project of the Italian Space Agency in 2013, and in 2015, she pursued a degree in International Relations at the LSE. Elisabetta serves as an influential advocate for women in STEM, in Italy and throughout Europe. Currently PhD candidate in Remote Sensing at ‘Tor Vergata’, she has led various endeavours related to the ESA Climate and Sustainability strategy and today she leads the ESA Cost Engineering team for the Earth Observation Program.

Elisabetta was nominated by Tanjin Huda.

Her reaction:

“Elisabetta has been a great mentor sharing her knowledge and lessons learned from her personal experience to gain perspective on how to grow my career. She has been great in working together with me to help focus my interests and identify specific career goals, helping me to map out a career path to achieve those goals. She has also helped me go through my application materials such as CV, cover letter and help identify areas to develop and improve which increased my chances of success. She has also gone out of her way after the mentorship was over to introduce me to potential PhD supervisors. Overall, Elisabetta is a great mentor and holds a great well of knowledge and experience that any aspiring engineer in the space industry could learn a great deal from.”


Tan is a young professional with a background in mechanical engineering and practical experience as a software engineer. Her most recent professional appointment will involve joining Airbus as a software engineer in the spacecraft simulation and modelling team. Passionate about space and learning, she also enjoys volunteering at organisations such as UKSEDS and SGAC to share her love of space through organising space competitions to grow students’ skills and organise other space-related activities and events with like-minded people.

SGAC Scholarships Winner Feedback2024-03-29T14:24:32+01:00

SGAC Scholarships Winner Feedback

We value the insights and experiences as SGAC scholarship recipients of SGAC.

Your feedback is crucial in helping us enhance and improve the program for future participants. We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few moments to share your thoughts on your experience with the scholarship, the application process, any challenges you faced, and suggestions for areas of improvement. Your input will enable us to better tailor the program to meet the needs and expectations of future scholars. Thank you for your time and valuable feedback.

How to Apply

Applicants will submit their application for the scholarship on the form below. (You need to be logged in to your SGAC account in order to access the form)


For any questions, please refer to SGAC Scholarships Team ([email protected]).

ISU – ASPACE – SGAC Scholarship Africa – 20242024-03-21T15:28:54+01:00

ISU – ASPACE – SGAC Scholarship Africa – 2024

ISU has partnered with ASPACE and SGAC to offer one full scholarship to a selected student from Africa to attend the ISU Master of Space Studies 2024-2025.

Application Deadline: 30 April 2024



We are proud to announce that the International Space University (ISU) in partnership with ASPACE Satellite Technology Limited (ASPACE) and the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) will offer a full scholarship to attend their one-year Master of Space Studies (MSS) to the winner of the competition.

ISU is a long-standing partner of SGAC and has supported several initiatives including the organization of the 7th African Space Generation Workshop (AF-SGW) hosted in Ghana and the upcoming AF-SGW to be held in Abuja, Nigeria. On this occasion, ISU joins forces with SGAC and ASPACE to allow young African students and professionals to join one of their most popular space programs.

Chosen from a pool of exceptional candidates, this highly competitive contest offers the chance for one individual living in Africa and having one of the African countries’ nationality to secure their spot in the prestigious Master of Space Studies program at the renowned International Space University.



The award will support one candidate to join the ISU Master of Space Studies (MSS) program. The scholarship award is going to fully cover the tuition fee for the winner.

The Master’s program in Space Studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the rapidly evolving space sector. The one-year program covers all space domains and a wide range of topics. Graduates of the program will have a deep understanding of space engineering, space applications, space exploration, and the physical and life sciences of the space environment. They will also be familiar with space policies and regulations and will have the ability to critically evaluate knowledge across a variety of disciplines. The program also emphasizes entrepreneurial aspects, preparing students to establish and fund space startups and master project management techniques.

For more details about the MSS program, please check https://www.isunet.edu/masters/


How to Apply

The minimum pre-requisites to be eligible to apply for the MSS is to be proficient in English and to have obtained (or be about to obtain) a Bachelor’s degree (in any field, technical or non-technical) by August 2024.

Admission requirements are available here: https://www.isunet.edu/admissions-requirements/

Before applying, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • a resume (CV) which should in particular include the list of your contributions to SGAC
  • an essay (around 500 words) explaining your motivation to attend the ISU MSS
  • a copy of your diplomas and grade transcripts
  • 2 reference letters following the standard ISU template to be sent to the referees

All submissions must be made using the ISU Applications website at https://www.isunet.edu/apply-online/ before the 30th of April 2024, 23:59 GMT. All the documents mentioned above must be provided by this deadline in order for the application to be valid.

Your submission should follow the competition guidelines below.




  • To be a citizen of an African country and to reside in Africa.
  • To be an SGAC member 
  • To be between 18 and 35 years old at the time of the start of the MSS program.
  • ISU and SGAC Board and Staff are not eligible for this award.
  • If selected, to be able to obtain a visa to travel to France

Submission rules

  • The application shall be submitted via the ISU website.
  • The language of all submissions shall be English.
  • In case of a lack of quality submissions, the organizers have the right to extend and or cancel the competition.

Responsibilities of the Winner

The winner shall:

  • Submit a 1-minute video recording themselves, describing how this opportunity is going to be a game changer and encouraging similar initiatives for inclusion on the SGAC and ISU website, newsletter, or social media outlets.
  • Attend and complete the entire Master’s program starting in September 2024.
  • Contribute to advocating for the next generation of Space Leaders within Africa.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

  1. By submitting an entry, applicants agree to permit the SGAC, ISU, and other participating organisations to use their names, affiliations, and headshot photo in connection with the scholarship. This also applies to the essay that is submitted: portions of this essay could be used for promotional purposes (the authors, of course, will be credited for the content).
  2. Copyright of the submitted entry shall remain with the contestants. However, by submitting an entry all contestants agree that SGAC and all affiliated organisers are granted non-exclusive reproduction rights regarding all submitted papers. SGAC and all affiliated organisers may also present ideas and findings generated by this competition at relevant conferences.


  1. Organisers shall not be responsible in the event that the competition is canceled.
  2. Organisers shall not be responsible in the event that the award winner fails to attend ISU’s Master’s program 2024 or is unable to under extenuating circumstances.
  3. Organisers shall not be responsible in the event that the award winner cannot obtain any necessary travel documents.
  4. In case the winner cannot attend the ISU program, it will be up to the organizers to decide if a back-up candidate can be selected or if the scholarship will be deferred to the following year.


The applications academically accepted by ISU will be reviewed by a jury including one ISU representative, one ASPACE representative and one SGAC representative. The jury will choose the winner of the full MSS scholarship.


Entries accepted:


Submission Deadline:

30 April 2024, 23:59 GMT

Application evaluation and selection

May 2024

Announcement of Results:

End of May 2024 (or earlier if the selection process is completed faster than expected)



We look forward to your contribution and thank you for taking part in this space endeavor!

Call for SG[Bolivia] 2024 Organizing Team Vacancies2024-04-16T17:35:39+02:00

The SGAC is the world’s largest international networking group for young professionals in the space industry. And this time, we’re hosting an event in Bolivia, for Bolivia. On this occasion, we will look at and explore the current state of the space industry in Latin America to focus on Bolivia’s participation in this sector. This edition will take place in an online event through meeting platforms in July 2024, and will feature keynote speakers, and roundtable discussions, with recognized space leaders from industry, academia, and government. To do this, we need to make this possible with you.

From managing roundtable discussions to reaching out to sponsors, you’ll be a key part of championing Space in Bolivia, and boosting your own future in the industry. We encourage you to be part of this event with us. Take a look at our open positions below and submit your application today.

Application Deadline: 5 April 2024

Role Descriptions

Program Team (2 positions) 

The Program Team is responsible for the creation and organization of the day by shaping the topics covered during the event. In this role, you can expect to establish relationships with key leaders in the Space industry and take ownership of your roundtable session. If you want to inspire discussions that will be tackled by the big players in our industry, this role is for you.


  • Developing and preparing the program and the topics for the Round Tables.
  •  Selecting suitable speakers and experts.
  • Coordinating and moderating the Round Table session, documenting key outcomes.
  • Supporting delegates in generating actionable resolutions to be presented later.


PR & Communications Team (2 positions) 

This team supports all marketing activities related to the event, working closely with the central SGAC PR and Communication Team and the Event Manager.


  • Coordinating media relations and advertising before, during, and after the event.
  • Creating graphic designs and promotional videos for the event.
  • Coordinating social media communication, writing press releases. Developing promotional materials as part of sponsorship packages for the event.

Delegates Team (1 position) 

This team is in charge of managing the participants, who form the majority of the attendees at the event and are the lifeblood of any SG event.


  • Coordinating all contacts with participants, pre- and post-selection.
  • Supporting the selection of participants.
  • Being the point of contact for delegates on issues/questions.
  • Creating a Delegates’ Database and Delegates handbook.


Sponsors Team (2 positions) 

This team makes the event possible by finding and managing sponsors, ranging from industry players to government officials and space agencies.


  • Reaching out to sponsors through the official SGAC channels.
  • Establishing the sponsoring tiers in collaboration with the team.
  • Sorting sponsors benefits based on contributions.
  • Persuading potential sponsors of the value of outreach through SGAC.

Necessary Qualifications

  • SGAC Membership (free!): registration on the SGAC website and below 35 years of age.
  • Proven interest in the Space industry and its impact on the world.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, quick-turnaround international environment and meet deadlines without compromising the quality of work.
  • Good Spanish skills with a keen eye for details.
  • Excellent teamwork skills and a high degree of self-organization.


  • A fun and productive environment: working towards a common goal with a passionate team is the best way to forge durable and lasting relationships.
  • Cultural enrichment: work with a team with diverse backgrounds and interdisciplinary skills.
  • Leadership: if you like the management of people and resources, this experience allows you to take great responsibility from day one, and sharpen your innate abilities.
  • SGAC journey: organizing a local event is a great way to learn more about the global SGAC organization and expand your network. Based on your contribution, you could be nominated for the SGAC Young Leaders Award and other SGAC-sponsored scholarships.
  • Employability skills: develop a range of skills, from teamwork to management and fundraising, that make you more attractive to potential employers.

How to Apply

Please complete our Vacancy Application Form by 5th April 2024 (23:59 Bolivian time) with the following documents attached:

  • Resume with date of birth (limit: 2 pages)
  • Letter of intent, detailing your suitability for the role and the reasons behind your application (limit: 1 page)

Selected candidates will be contacted by the middle of May. We look forward to hearing from you!

Application Timeline

Applications Open Now
Applications Close 5 April, 2024


Review of applications and interviews will be done during the months of March and April. 
The outcome of the application will be communicated at the end of April/beginning of May

Note: This deadline is not guaranteed to be extended.

SGAC is looking for a Reports Co-Lead2024-04-16T17:36:20+02:00

SGAC is seeking volunteers to lead our Reports Team! Every year, SGAC hosts dozens of events, activities, and initiatives. The Reports Team is responsible for coordinating with events teams to produce outcome reports, collecting data on activities across the organisation, and producing an Annual Report that represents the work we do to members, sponsors, and the United Nations. 

The Reports Team Co-Lead will play a pivotal role in leading the Reports Team to compile comprehensive reports, liaising with various teams within SGAC and the Executive Committee on the content, design and strategy for reports. The primary responsibility of the Co-Leads is to craft comprehensive reports in a professional, consistent, and timely manner. By doing so, they will assist SGAC members in effectively communicating their messages and recommendations on a global scale!

You will have a team of volunteers to lead and motivate, along with a voice on how best to represent the activities of SGAC. This position offers challenging, rewarding, and professional skill-building experiences. Be a part of leading and shaping the organisation!

Deadline for applications: 31 March 2024


The Reports Co-Lead duties are as follows:

  • Report to and ensure regular communication with the SGAC Operations Officer on the SGAC Reports Activities
  • Coordinate, support and oversee the report delivery on time and on quality:
    • For Events Reports, by working directly with and supporting the Events Managers 
    • For Annual Report, by working directly with and supporting the different SGAC Global and Regional Teams
    • Provide the appropriate guidelines, guides, templates, to the different points of contact in a timely manne
  • Lead and coordinate the Reports Team throughout all the steps of the production of reports 
  • Ensure that the Events Reports and Annual Reports are published on the Reports section on the SGAC Report webpage on time
  • Coordinate with the SGAC PR & Communications team to ensure the promotion of the SGAC Reports via SGAC communication platforms (social media, mailing lists etc.)
  • Perform continuous improvements on SGAC Reports on quality and on time delivery (taking into account lessons learned).

This is an appointed volunteer position. The appointment will be for 2 years, with the possibility of renewal for additional 2 consecutive years.

Estimated time commitment: On average 3-5 hours per week with up to 8-10 hours a week commitment during busier parts of the year. Larger work commitments will center around large SGAC events (e.g., conferences, Space Generation Congress, and the Annual report).

Necessary Qualifications

  • SGAC membership: registration on the SGAC website and below 35 years of age at the time of appointment
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, quick-turnaround international environment and meet deadlines without compromising the quality of work
  • Cross-cultural communication awareness: the ability to establish and maintain professional working relationships with people from various international and cultural backgrounds
  • Demonstrate leadership and teamwork experience along with a proactive work ethic
  • High degree of self-organization
  • Quick email response time
  • Familiarity with the SGAC mission, its objectives and organization
  • Professional fluency (speaking, reading, and writing) in English with a keen eye for details
  • Prior experience with producing reports
  • Strong working knowledge of Google Suite applications as well as Canva


Be a part of leading and shaping the organisation! Benefits of this position include:

  • Meeting and working with young space sector leaders from around the world
  • Building leadership skills and other skills that are directly translatable to your career
  • Having a significant impact on SGAC’s image on the international stage
  • Contributing to the growth and sustainability of the organisation
  • Having a higher chance of receiving SGAC scholarships to attend conferences around the world
  • Meeting and working with SGAC members all around the world

This is a voluntary role and has no monetary compensation. Active members of SGAC teams are considered for nomination for SGAC Scholarships and Awards, including fee waivers or discounts for SGAC event fees.

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please complete our Vacancy Application Form by 25 March 2024 with the following documents as attachments:

  • A Letter of Intent (maximum 1 page)
  • Your CV (maximum 2 pages)
  • List of three past experiences and how they have prepared you for this role (maximum 1 page)

Only complete applications will be considered.

Application Timeline

Applications Open Now
Applications Close 25 March, 2024

Review of applications and interviews will be done during the months of March and April. 

The outcome of the application will be communicated at the end of April/beginning of May.



Member of the Month for Jan 2024: Subhrajit Barua2024-03-09T23:19:43+01:00

SGAC is proud to present January 2024 Member of the Month!

SGAC is delighted to recognize members who are committed to its development; those who show hard labour and total dedication to the mission and purpose of the organisation. For January 2024, we are pleased to announce and congratulate Subhrajit Barua!

Meet Subhrajit Barua

Subhrajit Barua is a 2nd year PhD student in biotechnology at ITMO University in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is a space biotechnology enthusiast working towards developing sustainable technologies for farming in space. Besides academia, he is a science communicator and content creator. Fun fact: He has provisionally discovered 3 main asteroids.

Subhrajit Barua’s role as part of the SGAC team: 

Subhrajit plays a dual role within SGAC – PR and Communications Coordinator for the Space Safety and Sustainability Project Group and Co-Lead for the Mentoring Committee. His contributions at the SSS PG span around orchestrating website revamps, launching social media campaigns, and coordinating webinars and events. Simultaneously, as the Mentoring Committee Co-Lead, Subhrajit connects mentees, organizes workshops, and actively contributes to fostering international collaborations.

Subhrajit Barua, share with us your reaction to receiving the nomination:

“I am truly honored and grateful to receive the Member of the Month award for January. This recognition motivates me to continue pushing the boundaries and making a meaningful impact in the space sector. Thank you SGAC for this acknowledgment, and I look forward to contributing even more in the future!”

What learnings have you got for those considering joining SGAC? 

“Joining SGAC has been an enriching journey, providing me with invaluable experiences and learnings. Here I’ve honed my skills in effective communication, project coordination, and leadership. Engaging with a global community has expanded my perspectives, teaching me the importance of collaboration and cultural diversity in driving space initiatives. Overall, SGAC has not only empowered me with practical skills but also fostered a sense of global camaraderie crucial for the future of space exploration.”

Would you like to share with us a special quote you feel guided by, or how would you motivate others to stay focused on their goals?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – M.K. Gandhi

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