ACHIEVED – Assembly for Concepts in Human Interplanetary Exploration with Various Extraterrestrial Designations

As space agencies and private space companies seek new mission design concepts that challenge and advance our technological and/or scientific knowledge, our research team strives to support the space community with original and innovative mission designs.

How do we do this ?

Stemming out of ACHIEVED, we have created two year-long mission design team :


  • HOPE – High-technology Operations for Planetary Exploration

Team Members: Nicolas Florio (Team Coordinator), Coralie Elmaleh (Team Coordinator), Abhinav Khrisnan, Erin Austin, Juan Garcia Bonilla, Khushi Shah, Kiira Tiensuu, Nishita Sanghvi, and Yelenia di Crescenzio


Examining a deep space CubeSat-based mission that provides flexibility, affordability, and lower risk than traditional single-spacecraft missions. The outcome is a technology demonstration mission to study Uranus and its moons with a main orbiter carrying several CubeSat as its payload.

  • RAISE – Research Assembly for Innovative projects in Space Exploration

Team Members: Sapna Rao (Team Coordinator), Priyanka Sinha (Coordinator), Alejandro Astudillo, Dorcas Dupe, Harsh Singh, Nitya Jagadam, Rayen Abidi, Roxy Williams, Sondes Morchedi, and Viduranga Landers.

Investigating an innovative approach to a Mercury sample return mission. The science collected from this mission will bring us closer to understanding how Mercury formed and potentially how our own Moon formed.

Interested? Meet us!

We are an international and interdisciplinary team of 20 students and young professionals who are preparing the young generation to design space exploration missions while supporting diversity and multidisciplinarity.

You can contact the project coordinators : Bram de Winter ([email protected]) or Marcos Rojas ([email protected])

Exploration can’t be ACHIEVED without curiosity.