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This is the best place to inform yourself about space activities in Angola and participate in the development of this country's space sector. Space activities in Angola started in the 70’s with the installation of a 32 meters diameter antenna, in 2009 Angola began taking the first concrete steps towards becoming a space-faring nation with a space program thought signing a Contract for the Construction, Launch, and Placement in Orbit of the ANGOSAT-1 Satellite, and in 2013 the Management Office of the National Space Program is created to manage all projects of the space program. 

The Angolan Space program so far achieved several milestones such as the successful launch of two satellites Angosat-1 (with one in-orbit failure) and Angosat-2, the construction of a Satellite Mission Control Center (MCC) that can operate three satellites simultaneously, and the training of more than 50 Angolan specialists in Space Science and Technology. The space activity in Angola is governed by the Angolan Spatial Strategy 2016-2025, which establishes the goals and general guidelines.

If you would like to become involved or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, your National Point of Contact.

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Young Space Activities Overview in the Angola

  • Launch of a comic book “KIDs and Satellites”
  • World Space Week October 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022.
  • ANGOTIC 2018: The emergence of the first space startups in Angola
  • 4 “Kandengues Cientistas” participate in the KIDS2MARS project from Innovaspace
  • Young Angolans present their solutions for planetary defense in the context of the NEO
    Renaissance challenge organized by SGAC’s NEO PG.
  • 3 Angolan specialists in the top 10 of the most promising young people in the African
    Space Industry, under 30.
  • Young specialists involved in the development of earth observation downstream space
    applications (Tech-Ecologia, Tech-Gest, and Tech-Agro).
  • The activities of world space week 2022 were attended by the SGAC regional coordinator
    for Africa Tensae Alemayehu Ali and the astrophysicist Dr. Cláudio Melo, from the Portuguese
    Space Agency.

Upcoming Events 


Events Name Event Host City Event Date SGAC link
Ango Space Hackathon Luanda TBD TBD
I am “Satellite Quiz” Award Luanda TBD TBD
SGAC Space Webinars in Portuguese Luanda TBD TBD

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