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  Botswana is a landlocked country in Southern Africa at 22.3285° S, 24.6849° E coordinates. She is characterised by a lush landscape and nature with a dynamic culture and ethnicity. Her major economical driving industries have for a long time been Mining and Tourism with a Peaceful Nation.

  Botswana is making fast and great stepping strives into the Space industry. Currently she is at ground breaking level in the industry. She is promising to have a powerful future in Space Science, Technology and Innovation through her unexplored natural and human capital resources. There is a fast growth of STEM and Knowledge societies which feed into the Space industry.

  The Botswana government is developing strategies/policies in Space Science and Technology that encompass Research and Development, Regional and Global collaborations in Space projects. She is involved in the SKA, AVN VLBI and Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy projects. These projects have accelerated her human capital development. She does not have a Space Agency yet, nonetheless it’s a goal that is being pursued and will launch in the nearest future. One of the major thematic areas of development towards this agenda is building Knowledge Based Societies through her numerous research, development and innovation institutions such as BIUST,UB, BITRI and BIH. The nation is also participating in contributing towards the Space Agenda through societies and organisations such as Astronomical Society of Botswana (ASB), Women in STEM (WiS) and Women Engineers Botswana just to cite a few. With the strong economy she already has, as she pioneers into the Space industry , there will be employment and business creation. She is also looking forward to building gender inclusion and equality for the nation in the African and Global Space arena, thus contributing to SDGs.


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Young Space Activities Overview in Botswana

  1. Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy (DARA) Student Trainings and Capacity Building (2017/20).
  2. Square Kilometer Array (SKA) High Level Meetings and Workshops(2015/20).
  3. Resource donations: 1. High Performance Facility(HPC) in University of Botswana (UB). (2) 2-Array Radio Astronomy Dishes; Data Science and Image Processing Lab in Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST).
  4. Formation and emergence of Space Science and STEM societies and organisations: (1) Astronomical Society of Botswana (ASB), (2) Women in STEM (WiS), (3) Women Engineers Botswana (WEB), (4) Dare to Dream (Pty) Ltd.
  5. Formation of High-Performance Computing and Data Science Research Cluster.
  6. Formation of Botswana Square Kilometre Array & African Very Long Base Interferometer Network (AVN) Projects technical Committee.
  7. Formation of Botswana Open Data and Open Science (ODOS) Committee.
  8. Participation in the Botswana-South Africa Joint Commission on Research, Science, Technology and Innovation.
  9. Botswana joins SGAC in 2018 with First National Point of Contact.
  10. Recruitment of Second National Point of Contact in 2019.
  11. Setting up and recruitment of the Botswana SGAC Network.
  12. Astrophysics and Astronomy Student Training with WiS in 2018.
  13. Indigenous and Cultural Astronomy Camp with WiS and BIUST Physics and Astronomy Club in 2018.

Upcoming SGAC Events

Event Name Event Host City Event Date SGAC Link
  • SGAC Talk: Space Opportunities for Students
  • Space and 3D Printing BW Online Workshop
  • Space Science and Technology Hackerthon
  • SGAC Talk: Space and Knowledge Based Economy
  • SGAC Talk: Space Science, HPC and Data Science for Students and Young Professionals
  • SGAC Talk: Covid-19 and Space Technology
  • Space Technology and Climate Change
All Online
  • 22/08/20
  • 1/10/20
  • 3/11/20
  • 15/10/20
  • 10/09/20
  • 11/08/20
Not created yet.
Events Name Event Host City (Online) Event Date Event webpage/event link
1. STEM Festival Palapye Annual(January)
2. Botswana Career Elevation Summit Gaborone  N/A  N/A
3. BIUST Research and Innovation Symposium Palapye  N/A














National Points of Contact (NPoC)

Miss Tumo Fortunate Kedumele Miss Natasha C.S.T Moleele

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