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You have found the best place to inform yourself about space activities in Ghana. As the global community approached the end of the 20th Century and the birth of a new millennium, it has become apparent that effective space partnering is taken a stronghold in Africa especially in Ghana. Over the years, Ghana has had a major presence in the global space stagethrough cutting-edge space programs and projects. Key players in the Ghana space program include the Ghana Space Science Technology Institute (GSSTI), the All Nations University – Space Systems Technology Laboratory (ANU-SSTL) ,Ghana Planetarium. Other International entities like the Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy (DARA) has over the years provided support to the Ghana Space Program. There appears to be a young generation of space enthusiast in Ghana, hence amongst some of our aims and objectives is to strive to educate many Ghanaians about space, its related applications and peaceful use. SGAC offers a good foundation for young professionals and students interested in this field from an increasing global community of talented professionals who share a common vision about space. Interested persons could also benefit from activities which bring together experts to discuss events and issues which influence our global world which could be useful to the Ghanaian populace. This page delivers to you to the current and trending space activities in the country.

Young Space Activities in Ghana (2017 – 2020)

Ghana Space Science Technology Institute (GSSTI)

All Nations University – Space Systems Technology Laboratory (ANU-SSTL)

  • Space Science and STEM outreach programs –(2017-2019).
    ( More than 4,000 students have been reached with Space Science related education)
  • World Space Week Celebration- (2017-2019).
    (Since 2014 the ANU-SSTL celebrates World Space Week with interesting Space related and Practical STEM activities for students from different High Schools in Ghana.)
  • National Space Science research and presentation competition – (2018-2019).  (Selected High Schools in Ghana engage in Space related research and present their findings in a competitive way)


Ghana Planetarium

The only fixed digital planetarium for the public in West Africa, and unique in the whole region south of the Sahara and north of South Africa, Ghana Planetarium Science Centre is making a positive contribution to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education in Ghana.

School visits bring science to life with full-dome digital planetarium shows, talks, question and answer sessions, discussions, and science demonstrations. The Planetarium provides extra-curricular support and helps raise awareness of environmental issues.

A visit to the Planetarium is recommended for all children, and particularly for Junior Secondary School pupils to enhance their learning about the solar system.

Activities of the Planetarium Science Centre include teachers’ workshops, outreach visits, astronomy-themed art and craft activities, night sky viewing with telescopes, lectures via dome-casts with planetariums abroad, visiting lecturers, Astronomical Society meetings, and musical evenings. Now, children can learn how to programme robots by joining our Robotics Clubs, and can take part in competitions as a group. The Planetarium team has also been instrumental in setting up Astronomy Clubs in various schools in and around Accra, where students can explore astronomy topics in more depth using hands-on activities.

Young visitors to the Planetarium Inside the Planetarium
Teachers workshop Exploring the Solar System
Safe Sun Viewing Telescope Viewing


Country-Specific Events (2017 – 2020)

Ghana Space Science Technology Institute (GSSTI)

All Nations University – Space Systems Technology Laboratory (ANU-SSTL)

  • Launch of Ghana’s First Satellite (GhanaSat-1) – June, 2017.
    (The mission of the satellite was to map the coastal plains of Ghana)



  • The First African Constellation Satellite (AFCONSAT) project – (2019, ongoing).
    (The AFCONSAT project initiated by ANU-SSTL has created the platform and facility for Engineers from 7 different African countries will work together to build satellites to solve African problems)


    (The undying ambition for Africa to join the moon race is been developed under this project pioneered in Ghana)


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