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Kenya is one of the leading space leaders in Africa, and has a long history in the space science and technology arena. It’s an equatorial state making it ideal for a spaceport. A satellite, Uhuru, was launched from Kenyan soil in 1970 to study celestial X-ray astronomy. It hosts the Luigi Broglio Space Centre in Malindi at the coast. Rockets were launched from the centre, the last being in 1988. A cubesat developed by university students was developed in 2018, and the Kenya. Currently, Kenya is building its space community within the country, and reaching out to viable collaborators such as Japan, the EU among others, towards developing space based products including satellites. It is projected that in the next decade, Kenya will be a major African space player, contributing to not only favourable equatorial location, but also the ever growing space expertise in the country.

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Young Space Activities Overview in the Kenya

  • In an informal partnership with the Kenya Space Agency, towards support in organising outreach programs within the country.
  • In an ongoing partnership in organising, planning and hosting the 6th Africa Space Generation Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • In an informal partnership with Digital Earth Africa in promoting both SGAC and DEA activities and tools amongst young students and professionals.
  • Presented on the need for youth involvement in space activities at IAC 2021 IN Dubai.
  • Presented a paper to the IAF conference dubbed “Demystifying Space Technology to the community”, for a fortunate space exploration.
  • Co-affiliated on a publication of a paper with ISPRS on environmental monitoring, where SGAC was recognised as an affiliation organisation.
  • Organised an informal event on the use of earth observation at the Technical University of Kenya, where we shared on the opportunities that lie in the space arena.
  • In an ongoing, mentorship program with Young Astute Mathematician (YAM), where young pupils benefit from the involvement in STEM subjects.
  • Involved in a cultural society event where we were educating the local young generation on upcoming STEM practices.
  • Involved in an open forum during the World Asteroid day, discussing the need of space sustainability by finding innovative ways to clean space debris

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1) Night sky Observation with Local Community 

2) Earth Observation Expert Get together –2022-Caucus-1

3) Asteroid Day 2022

4) African Space Week











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African Space Week

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Yuri’s Night Kenya 2019 Yuri’s Night Kenya 2018
Yuri’s Night 2017 in Nairobi
SGAC at the International Space Forum (ISF) SGAC Kenya at the RCMRD Conference (RIC 2018)



One of the successful events we held with the Technical University of Kenya students.

Night Sky Observation Night (Coffee under the Stars cc Elements Exploration Center Moon Close approach to Venus)

Night Sky Observation Night (Coffee under the Stars cc Elements Exploration Center Moon Close approach to Venus)