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Over the last decade, Kenya’s progress in space sector has taken major strides with the formation of the Kenya National Space Agency. SGAC Kenya aims to connect students and young professionals with news, information and opportunities on space science. There is great support of SGAC Kenya by various institutions, including the University of Nairobi, the Technical University of Kenya, the Kenya National Space Secretariat and the Russian Embassy in Nairobi. Having an all-female NPoC-team, SGAC Kenya has been on the lead front in encouraging involvement of girls and women in Science and Technology. Our goal is to reach the youth and to educate the people, creating awareness of the benefits of space and building our future in space.

Young Space Activities Overview in the Kenya

Kenya lies at a unique Geographical position, on the Equator, and is a perfect point for space observation. Experiencing both Northern and Southern Hemispheres, Kenyan #Spacegen are at an advantage for perfect sky observation.

It is acknowledged that Space science can enhance socio-economic development and has potential to provide cost –effective solutions to many humanity are pressing needs. Today all parts of the world are being united by communications satellites while space based sensor systems are continually monitoring the globe. All these are providing the support needed for sustainable development. Recently, Kenya has taken a keen interest in Space Science. SGAC Kenya has so far provided strong networking capabilities, allowing many University Students and young professionals engage in Space related Activities across the country and abroad. Most of the events held have focused on motivating learners pursue Space Science. Areas of Application of Space Science in Kenya include: Communications, Resource Survey, Land use/Land Cover mapping, Weather Analysis, Navigation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geodetic positioning.

A former NPoC Kenya, Susan Murabana has been featured all over the world with her initiative, Travelling Telescope. Susan has been kind in showing the ropes to SGAC Kenya Members. She hosted the First Space MeetUp on the first week of April. The get-together brought together space experts, enthusiasts and students from all over Kenya. Also present were Dr. Gernot Groemer and Olivia Haider, from the Austrian Space Forum.

Country-Specific Events in 2017

April 12- Yuri’s Night – Exploring The Red Planet with Dr. Groemer – The University of Nairobi.

 Yuri’s Night 2017 in Nairobi

SGAC member Muriu Kariuki shows learners how to use a Galileo Scope outside the hall at the end of a presentation Pupils of the K.U Primary school pose for a photo with SGAC members at the end of a presentation outside the school’s main hall

Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in the Kenya

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The Travelling Telescope – Exploring the Universe – Dedicated towards promoting Science and Technology through astronomy.

Kenya National Space Secretariat – Coordinating all space related activities in the country – To promote and enhance social and economic development through the utilization of space technology.