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Lesotho has no history of being part of any organization dealing with space, nor has any launch capability. On the other hand there are few government departments relying of satellite data for disaster management and global warming. These include using grown based sensors and using data for available satellites. There is currently no Space Agency and no infrastructure for space activities. The University is currently not offering any space related field, however there is a strong Science and Technology department in the university. The government has a department of Science and Technology that facilitates most of the science related activity. SGAC Lesotho is to link all the interested stakeholders together in running a campaign to mobilize university and young professionals to develop space and research in Lesotho.

Young Space Activities Overview in the Lesotho

During 2011 International astronomical Congress one of our young professionals met with members of SGAC. After the meeting, we started space awareness campaign for the young professional. We created a forum on facebook Called Lesotho Space Science Youth Association – LSSYA. In this page young professionals and university student discuss space related activities. SGAC Lesotho started 2012 in July 2012 and for the first time we dad Lesotho represented. For the first time we organize an even for the space week but unfortunately we didn’t get funding for the event. At the moment most of our discussions are though different facebook pages and for 2013 we hope to have some meeting were we can plan together.

Country-Specific Events in 2017

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Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in the Lesotho

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