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Welcome to the Mauritania country page for the Space Generation Advisory Council!

You’ll find here information about our activities and events related to the space sector. 

Mauritania is a country located in north west Africa with 4 million inhabitants and forms a geographic and cultural bridge between the North African Maghreb and the westernmost portion of Sub-Saharan Africa.  

Although the space sector is not developed in the country, we try to promote it through astronomy via the Mauritanian Association for Astronomy founded in 2020 and events such as conferences with guests and workshops organized by the SGAC Team. 

If you want to contribute to this ambitious project, feel free to join us !

Young Space Activities Overview in Mauritania

  • Space applications conferences with guests from industries (visioconference)
  • Space and astronomy workshops each year in the capital Nouakchott
  • Open public stargazing sessions

Upcoming Events

Space applications in our everyday life

Space for kids competition

Space telescopes for astronomy





February 2022

Interesting Web Links

  1. Mauritanian Association for Astronomy
  2. Mauritanian Engineering Community 
  3. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
  4. Nouakchott University Al-Aasriya


On The Moon Again conference held at Nouakchott the 17th and 18th of July 2021