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Our country situated in the southern part of West Indian Ocean, slightly over the tropic of Capricorn and some 2,000 km off the east coast of Africa. For Mauritius, the question of whether the country could adopt a meaningful role in selected space activities remains an open question. Can space related activities benefit Mauritius, laying the foundation for more future work in the space sector? Other island nations around the world, most notably Gibraltar and the Isle of Man, have adopted a number of specific measures to attract the space industry to their economies with various levels of success. The intriguing question is if Mauritius can learn from their examples and successfully adapt to meet these challenges.

Mauritius is ideally placed to support the international space industry, through both the use of its applications and through the provision of services to it. SGAC Mauritius helps to provide a network for the young people on this beautiful volcanic island. If we have sparked your interest, join us!

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