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Morocco is a kingdom in northwest Africa known for its variety of breathtaking natural landscapes, beautiful palm groves and for its highly-cultural blend. Even though the country doesn’t play an extensive role in the global space industry, its Royal Centre for Remote Sensing nevertheless acts as the main national space entity since 1989. The government has also taken the right direction to enhance its social and economic development through the use of space services as well as through the application of high-end technologies in general.

Over the past few decades, the country has seen a successful development of many flourishing companies in various fields encompassing aeronautics, electronics and telecommunications. The country is becoming a hotbed for the aerospace industry which may also lay the foundations for the implementation of a more diverse space industry in the near future. Morocco is becoming a pivotal country in the Maghreb region as its development strategy is reaching maturity and since it offers an extremely stable environment to host ambitious endeavours.

As an emerging country, Morocco is making significant efforts to improve its educational system and to promote scientific careers within the youth community. However, the actions are currently still too much disparate and many areas still lack of basic resources and facilities, especially in the middle and in the southern parts of the kingdom. Space studies are scarce and the few ones that exist are mostly focused on astronomy. Other space-oriented training is quasi-inexistent within the country but exchanges with European universities remain possible. Many areas in Morocco offer outstanding sky-qualities, especially on top of the Atlas range and in the arid areas. Marrakech is, for instance, often home to several astronomical events which attract and gather numerous astronomers and researchers from around the world. Morocco is also very reputed for regularly collecting meteorites.

SGAC Morocco is an ideal platform to build a strong foundation for students and professionals, on top of which can grow a global community of talented Moroccans who share a common vision about space. By fostering space with the youth generation, by organizing space-related events, Moroccans can become part of the organization and get involved in the SGAC network. Space has to be linked with cooperation and as cooperation will undoubtedly build the future, all you need to do is join us now!

Young Space Activities Overview in the Morocco

Most space activities in Morocco revolve around astronomy. Once a year, the Astronomy festival gathers passionate graduate students and members of local astronomy societies to give talks to younger students in high-schools. The world space week is also the occasion for the astronomical societies and major universities to organize workshops, presentations and stargazing sessions.

Country-Specific Events in 2014

The World Space Week: Between the 4th and the 10th of October 2014, numerous Moroccan scientific societies and universities celebrated the WSW under the theme “Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth”. Activities included presentations, talks, workshops, projections, and awareness campaign about astronomy and science. The most active societies were in Rabat, Casablanca, Meknes, Fes, Ifrane, Immouzer, El Hajjeb and Marrakech.

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  • 6th edition of the Oukaimeden International School of Astrophysics (End of April 2014) under the theme “satellites and small heavenly bodies of the solar system”
  • 3rd Astronomy Festival of Ifrane : (4-7 September 2014) under the theme “Astronomy in the popular culture”
  • 77th Annual Meeting of the Meteorical Society (8-13 September 2014) in Casablanca.
  • The Astronomical evening (18 October 2014) organized at the TechnoPark Casablanca by astronomical societies from Rabat and Casablanca.
  • 15th Astronomy Festival of Marrakech (22-26 October 2014) under the theme “The highly colored sky”.
  • 2nd Astronomy Festival of Rabat (7-9 November 2014) under the theme “Children and Astronomy, Knowledge and passion”.
  • The Messier Marathon in Marrakech organized by 3AM.

Country Events in 2015

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Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in the Morocco


Royal Centre for Remote Sensing (Moroccan Agency) Atlas Golf Center for Sciences, Arts and Culture Al Akhawayn University Astronomical Society WSW Morocco


Moroccan Astronomical Society Rabat Astronomical Society (2AR) Marrakech Astronomical Society (3AM) Casablanca Astronomical Society

Presentation during the astronomical evening at the TechnoPark in Casablanca.

Young Moroccans meet astronomers at the
Observatory of the Atlas Golf Center in Marrakech.

Young Moroccans discovering the night-sky duringa stargazing session in Rabat.

The Oukaimeden observatory near Marrakech

NPoC of Morocco (Idriss Sisaïd, far right) with astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield at the International Astronautical Congress (Toronto, Canada)

Moroccan-American NASA Chief Scientist,Kamal Oudrhiri.