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Situated along the southwestern coast of West Africa, Sierra Leone is a developing nation striving to establish its presence in the realm of space exploration. Despite not yet being affiliated with any space-focused organizations in academic or professional spheres, the country is actively working towards developing a robust space program. Presently, there is no active Space Agency, but various governmental entities such as the Sierra Leone Meteorological Agency (SLMet) and the Environment Protection Agency Sierra Leone (EPA-SL) utilize satellite data for purposes like environmental monitoring, disaster management, and addressing global warming concerns.

In the past, the University of Sierra Leone (USL) offered courses in space science studies, including Astronomy and Astrophysics, which have since been discontinued. However, a dedicated group of students from the organization “STEADS” advocates for the reintroduction of space education and outreach in both secondary and tertiary institutions. Over the past five years, there have been notable advancements at the tertiary level due to these efforts. The Sierra Leone Chapter of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC – Sierra Leone) aims to further enhance these initiatives by fostering national, regional, and global partnerships with established organizations within the space sector.

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Young Space Activities Overview in Sierra Leone

On January 21st and 22nd, 2021, the STEAD Society orchestrated Sierra Leone’s inaugural space science and astronomy symposium and competition, with the esteemed partnership of the Space Generation Advisory Council. This event marked a significant stride in fostering awareness and understanding of space science and astronomy, building upon previous workshops, training sessions, and the inaugural celebration of “World Space Week” in October 2019.

Themed “The Impact of Space Science and Astronomy,” this hybrid event aimed to highlight the tangible benefits of space technologies for sustainable development. Over the course of two days, the symposium drew a total of 140 attendees, including secondary school students, university scholars, young professionals, department heads, faculty deans, and other professionals.

SGAC – Sierra Leone takes great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Dorimael K. Odico as the National Point of Contact for Sierra Leone, further solidifying its commitment to advancing space science and exploration in the region.


Upcoming Events

Events Name Event Host City Event Date
SGAC – Sierra Leone Webinar Virtual 22nd April 2024
Commemorating the World Space Week Freetown 4th to 10th October 2024



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